How To Receive Elite Benefits on a Starwood Third Party Reservation


Sometimes you’re just stuck with a third party reservation whether you booked a package deal with a tour group or a travel agent flight + hotel combination package. I like to use American Airlines miles on since I get a heavy discount for being an Executive Platinum elite member and sometimes you can find bargain mileage redemption (think of it like hotel mistake fares). Last year I booked the W New York hotel for 5,000 AAdvantage miles on 4th of July week when the hotel was asking $350 + taxes for a standard room on

After you have booked your third party reservation, I would call the hotel directly to ask if you can confirm your arrival. Make sure the hotel operator does not transfer you to Starwood’s main central reservations because they will not be able to help you out on third party reservations. When you get a front desk agent on the phone, simply ask if you can add your Starwood number to your reservation. If the agent can’t find your reservation, then your third party booking company might not have faxed over your reservation details yet. Don’t fret because this happens all the time with third party reservations. In that case, I would give them a call back a week later or a few days before arrival. This is important- Before hanging up, ask what your confirmation number is and write this down. If the agent refuses to add your Starwood number because he noticed that you booked through a third party, I would simply say “I just want to see my reservation on my profile” or “I understand, but I can earn Starpoints for incidentals correct?”.

After you have successfully added your Starwood Preferred guest number to your reservation, you will be able to see it on your profile under “Upcoming Stays” within the hour. If you do not see your reservation details on your profile within the hour, then the hotel might not have added your Starwood Preferred guest number correctly. A phone call should remedy this situation.

When you log onto your profile, you will see under the hotel details, “This is a complex rate, we are unable to display your information details” and a “Send Confirmation” button will appear below that text. You are most likely not able to successfully click on “Send Confirmation” since your e-mail address won’t be on the reservation. Luckily, I have come across a workaround for adding all your details, including name, address, special request messages, and even apply your Suite Night Award upgrades (if applicable) to your third party reservation.

You will need to modify your third party reservation with the Starwood Preferred Guest iPhone App. You will be able to see your third party reservation displayed on the iPhone app if you successfully completed the steps prior by asking the front desk agent on the phone to add your Starwood number to your third party reservation.

On the SPG iPhone app, click Reservation Details, then View All Details, and then click on Modify Reservation. Your screen should look something like this:


You will be able to see what type of room your third party has booked for you. It is important to not change the Room & Bed or else you will be hit with a change fee. Under the Rate, you can see that the third party paid $86/night for my room and there are additional details including “Resort fee waived per contract”.


If you scroll down a little further, you will see a lot of empty fields which you will need to fill in, such as your Title, First Name, Last Name (can’t be modified), Address, City, State, and Zip/Postal Code. You MUST fill in the fields with the asterisks or else you can’t continue to the next step.


You also need to enter in your Telephone number and this is the most important step, E-mail address. You will need to enter your e-mail address since the whole point of the “Send Confirmation” is to send your reservation details straight to your e-mail.


You are required to enter your credit card number with the expiration date so the hotel can charge you for incidentals. Don’t worry, you won’t get billed for your room rate under any circumstances since this is a prepaid reservation. Your SPG number will be pre-populated and leave the StarChoice number blank. You can enter special requests under “Optional Information”. I always like to enter “SPG Platinum Guest- Please upgrade to the best suite available. Thanks”. You can also change your time of arrival in this area if you wish.

Click on Continue to the Next Step:


On the next screen, it is imperative that you click on “Continue to the next step (Don’t change my room rate)”


You will see that your entered information will be highlighted in yellow. If you didn’t make any errors entering any of your personal information, then scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Complete Changes Now” .

IMG_0552 IMG_0553

The next screen will say “Changes Complete” Your reservation has been changed. What this means is that you have added additional information to the reservation just as if you had handed over your credit card and passport/ID to the clerk. You will not be charged any additional fees on the credit card you have provided.

IMG_0554 IMG_0555

Now, go back to your profile and you will be able to click on “Send Confirmation” You will now be able to receive an e-mail copy of your third party reservation. Refresh your screen and you will now be able to see all you reservation details including applying Suite Award NIghts (if applicable).

Note- I was able to apply a suite award night, but the hotel was completely sold out and the automated suite night award system returned it back to my account a day before check-in since there were no suites available for an upgrade.

There is a glitch in the system where you can receive a stay/night credit, but don’t hold your breath because the system will only award you Starpoints for incidentals. Also, when you check-in, do not ask for the 500 point Platinum amenity since won’t credit you. In this case, I would ask for a breakfast voucher or the local amenity.

In some cases, the front desk agent can deny you of your Platinum benefits if they mention that you booked through a third party. Don’t argue with the clerk and accept the reality that hotel can’t offer you your Platinum benefits under a third party. I always add some kind of incidental charge on my third party stays since it can trigger a stay/night credit (sometimes you get lucky). In many cases, I would add a minibar charge or lunch/dinner. For free Platinum internet, I would add the internet charge to your hotel room and kindly ask at checkout if it could be removed. I usually telephone in the morning after if they can remove the charge since they can see you are a Platinum member (make sure you don’t get the same agent). Remember, different agents = different responses. Happy booking!


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12 Comments on "How To Receive Elite Benefits on a Starwood Third Party Reservation"

  1. This is cheating what you suggest!

  2. I just spend 30 minutes doing Priceline rebidding to snag a Le Meridien for cheap, and I was able to get my SPG number added with reservation comments, and show up in the app, without calling anybody. Here’s what I did:

    1. Go to reservations then “Find Stay”, you can look it up by confirmation number. This will be the confirmation number Priceline gives you, but remove the prefixing “C”.
    2. The stay will show up, but as you say you can’t do anything with it except the “Send E-mail Confirmation” link. Click that and enter your e-mail. I never got an e-mail, but it doesn’t matter.
    3. Wait 10 minutes (may not be required, I did).
    4. Go back to #1 and do this again, except *this time* it *will* show you a “Change Reservation” link just as if it’s a regular SPG reservation.
    5. From here you can change the reservation details, including adding your SPG number and reservation comments (I also recommend filling out address and everything else so it looks “normal”).

    Shortly after doing all of this it popped up in my SPG iPhone application and everything looks great. Interestingly enough, it’s even showing a “MasterCard” with the last four digits of what is presumably Priceline’s own credit card (certainly not mine), and even the rate that I believe Le Meridien may be charging Priceline (!). Crazy.

    We’ll see if I actually get elite benefits or not. Not counting on it, but given that it should mostly look like a regular reservation except for “Rate Plan: Priceline” I’m hoping it works.

    • I know about the Priceline “C” trick hah and I’m glad you were able to make it work! Put $10+ of incidentals to see if you can get the credit 😉 I always try to get the “local gift” amenity since the 500 Starpoints Plat amenity is a hit or miss on posting in regards to 3rd party reservations. Let me know how your stay goes!

  3. Super helpful, here’s hoping!

  4. Is this information still valid? we just booked a hotel via Priceline.

  5. The guide by Ben Hughes did not work. It says:

    We have found your reservation. It is not possible to display this particular reservation online. This is usually due to an unusual or complex rate or set of rates associated with the reservation in question. For questions regarding this reservation, please refer to the original booking source for more information.

    There is no email button

  6. Curious if there is an update work-around. The app has changed as has the website. Anyone having any luck?

  7. still doesn’t work, amazing that this was possible in the past!

  8. Did you ever figure out a new work around? There is no more email button.

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