The Sights and Sounds of Cabo San Lucas Mexico


I took a cab from the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar hotel to downtown Cabo San Lucas for $20 USD. The cab driver dropped me off at Puerto Paraiso Mall which is the main focal point of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Right off the bat, I knew that Puerto Paraiso was a tourist trap when I saw a bunch of gringos come and go through the entrance of the mall.

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I decided to venture into Puerto Paraiso mall to see if there were any cool souvenirs.


It looked like every other shop was filled with touristy merchandise. I really like the lucha masks when I see them.


Everything you can find in this mall is priced in US Dollars. It’s actually better to use US Dollars since it’s the preferred currency in Cabo. You can also use Mexican Pesos but the shopkeepers will give you a bad conversion rate.

I found some shot glasses that were selling for a few dollars. I picked up one since I collect shot glasses from every city that I visit. The merchandise is set up in a way that even a slight move of the fixture will cause a domino effect on each other. Be aware that if you break it, you have to pay for it.

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I left the Puerto Paraiso mall through the Marina exit. The Los Cabos Marina was absolutely stunning.

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I walked through Plaza Bonita which is to left of Puerto Paraiso mall.


Plaza Bonita contains numerous shops and restaurants, most notably the Hard Rock Café.


Walking past Plaza Bonita heading west, I came to Plaza Real which has a more vibrant outdoor bar atmosphere.


Next to Plaza Real was Plaza de los Mariachis and de la Salsa. The famous Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina is located in Plaza de los Mariachis.


All along Lazaro Cardenas Street, you can find numerous vendor stalls selling leather goods and souvenirs.

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The best mode of transportation is walking in downtown Cabo San Lucas. If you need to get a cab, consider taking a pedicab.


I went through the back streets of downtown Cabo San Lucas and found that most shops were either closed or barren. There really is nothing to do outside of the touristy Lazaro Cardenas Street or Boulevard Paseo de La Marina.


I wanted to visit the Museo de Cabo San Lucas, but it was closed. It’s the only museum in town and I would highly recommend a visit to learn about the history of Los Cabos.



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