The One Thing I Hate About Miami Restaurant Practices


A few weeks ago, I was in Miami and I just have to say that I absolutely hate it when Miami Beach restaurants automatically add gratuity. I can understand automatic gratuity if I was in a party of 6 or more, but I was dining solo. The Miami Beach restaurant added a whopping 18% tip to my bill.


I understand that this is a wide practice in South Beach because there are so many European and Australian tourists who don’t tip and think gratuity is included in the menu prices.

Should restaurants automatically include tip when dining solo?


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7 Comments on "The One Thing I Hate About Miami Restaurant Practices"

  1. Bad enough they added the gratuity for a buffet, where you served yourself!

  2. F no. They do that in the Bahamas. I had to pay gratuity on a bagel that took 50 hungover minutes to come out of the kitchen.

  3. As a European I would only pay tip if they speak ENGLISH (in the US). On a related note, why is there not a requirement to be able to speak the official language of a country if you work at an international airport? I have never been to an international airport in the world where so few employees speak English than at MIA.

  4. I’d hardly call 18%/$1.66 “whopping.” I think it’s justifiable, but I may be biased.

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