I Managed to Score Tickets to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil


Previously I’ve written 3 articles about the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil:

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During Ticket Sales Phase 1 in the Random Selection Draw period, I applied for 3 tickets:


Match 01 – Brazil v A2 – Sao Paulo / Category 3 / Quantity 1 – $220
Match 05 – C1 v C2 – Belo Horizonte / Category 3 / Quantity 1 – $90
Match 11 – F1 v F2 – Rio de Janeiro / Category 3 / Quantity 1 – $90

I received an e-mail today regarding my results of the Random Selection Draw.


I managed to score Match 05 – C1 v C2 in Belo Horizonte in the nosebleed section for $90 which I was ecstatic about. I was bummed that I couldn’t manage to get the nosebleed tickets for Match 01, the home opener in Sao Paulo nor Match 11, the Rio de Janeiro home game at Maracana Stadium.

According to an article on FIFA.com,

“A total of 889,305 tickets were allocated to people from 188 countries during the random selection draw for the first phase of ticket sales for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. 71.5% of tickets were sold to Brazilian residents, while 28.5% went to fans from other countries. Out of all tickets made available for sale, in compliance with the General World Cup Bill (LEI Nº 12.663, Lei Copa),  FIFA offered a total of 342,740 tickets in category 4 to fans resident in Brazil, with priority given to students, individuals over the age of 60 and participants of the federal social welfare programme. As demand from the priority groups was less than the available inventory, 216,618 tickets went to those entitled for discounts in Brazil.

Outside the host country Brazil (625,276 tickets), the highest number of tickets drawn was for residents of the United States (66,646), followed by England (22,257), Germany (18,019), Australia (15,401), Canada (13,507), France (11,628), Colombia (11,326), Switzerland (8,082), Japan (5,021) and Argentina (4,493). The most popular venue-specific series ticket packages were for Rio de Janeiro (94,500), Brasilia (48,540) and São Paulo (46,916).”

I felt fortunate to be able to score 1 ticket out of 66,646 for residents of the United States. In a future post, I will address the issues of not being able to obtain tickets and ticket alternatives.

Were you able to score any tickets to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?


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  1. Yes, applied for 3 tix to the first 2 rio games, both cat 1. They gave me cat 2 for the first one and cat 1 for the second ones.

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