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The Sights and Sounds of Centro Historico in Mexico City

Last year I took a four day trip to Mexico City and quickly summed up all the sights in The Sights and Sounds of Mexico City. That was one of my early blog posts and I kind of regret plastering everything in onto one page full of picture. Since then, I’ve been breaking down my trip reports into segments and neighborhoods by installments. I will re-visit each one of those neighborhoods in the future and will make a separate post for each one.

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The Centro Historico part of Mexico City is most famously located in the center of town. It’s most famous for the Zolaco or as the locals call it, Constitution Square. It’s the town square a central meeting space.

Around the Zocalo, you can find the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral and National Palace.

Plenty of street vendors offering their wares and services can be found in the Zocalo. Be wary of buying pirated CDs and DVDs as the cops are on the lookout.

The best place to get a bargain is within the alleyways of El Centro. There are plenty of small shops called tiendas and plenty of street vendors.

There are plenty of sights within Centro Historico such as the Museo Nacional and beautiful churches.

These Christ figures are located all throughout the alleyways with a donation box in front. Locals come and give a prayer and then deposit money in the box.

I wandered further into the Centro Historico part of town and stepped into the San Ildefonso neighborhood.

San Ildefonso seems to be the Bohemian part of town with its lively colorful buildings and beautiful monuments.

You can get a good and cheap massage in San Ildefonso.

There are various beautiful churches located in San Ildefonso.


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