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The Various Eats in Mexico City Part 2

Last year, I wrote an article about The Various Eats in Mexico City when I spent four days eating. This time, I ventured off into the Centro Historico part of Mexico City in search of street food. I only had a short layover this time, so this isn’t a comprehensive list of things to eat in Mexico City.

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The Various Eats in Mexico City Part 2
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The Various Eats in Santiago Chile Part 2
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In the main Zocalo area of Mexico City, there are many street vendors selling snacks, drinks, and candy.

I found two street vendors, one of which was selling huaraches out of a plastic black bag and the other one was selling tacos.

I was in the mood for tacos and had about 5 tacos for 10 pesos. These are the cheapest form of premade tacos that you can find for 10 pesos.

I went further down the alleyway and found some real tacos where I could choose my own meat and toppings.

The tacos were 7 pesos each which was a complete bargain.

If you go further down into the side streets and alleyways of Centro Historico, you can find many hole in the wall restaurants. I found one where you can have your choice of a quesadilla or gordita for 12 pesos each.

Afterwards, I headed back out of the alleys to the Zocalo metro station where I took the subway to the airport.


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