The Pros and Cons of Traveling Alone in the Miles and Points World

I would say that on 90% of my trips, I’m travelling alone. Why? Because most of my friends are tied down on their schedule and I book my trips way far in advance. I’ve been travelling alone for the past 5 years. That 10% when I’m travelling with someone (who isn’t into the miles & points game), I just want to thank them or strangle them. I’m trying to be a better companion when travelling with others. I’ll list the pros and cons of traveling alone in the miles and points world.


– Taking the taxi can be much cheaper than public transportation when fares are split.

– You get to keep all the points and stay/night credit when splitting the hotel costs with your friends.

– You can sell your 40k off-peak award to your friend for $800 cash and they think they’ll be getting a bargain in coach to Europe.

– There’s always someone to talk to.

– You can sample more local food if you’re ordering a lot of small plates to share.

– You have no regrets about sitting at the bar area to eat and it’s often no wait.


– Your friends don’t get the concept of hotel hopping. They complain why you’re constantly changing hotels on a nightly basis and they’re sick of it.

– Hard to get a consensus of where to go for lunch or dinner. Not everyone is on the same budget level and your friend can get in the way of you trying a new restaurant or cuisine.

– Your friend likes to sleep in, but you don’t (and you don’t want to split up).

– Sharing showers can be gross if you’re in the same room.

– Your lounge access only provides you with a +1 and if you’re travelling with 3 people (including yourself), things can get conflicted if 1 person is constantly left behind.

– Your room is booked for 2 people, but you’re travelling with a 3rd or 4th person and you’re trying to “sneak them in” in your suite. When checking in, the other person has to stay behind and try to be low key in order for you to avoid the extra persons charge.

– When travelling with more than 1, it’s tough to share the breakfast benefit (if it’s in the restaurant) with everyone in your room. This could create conflict if someone else has to buy breakfast outside.

– In some places, it’s hard to get a reservation for 2 or more people.

Do you have any pros and cons to add to the list?


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5 Comments on "The Pros and Cons of Traveling Alone in the Miles and Points World"

  1. I would add as a con if you’re using points for hotels and the other person has points with a different brand…it’s hard to coordinate hotels!

  2. Some are same.

    Pros of Companion: Splitting hotels (whether they use cash or points, still less for me to use), taxis, etc. Someone to share memories with (without having to meet new friends first).

    Cons: Schedule conflicts (who wants to do what when). Variations in available spending capital. Not as “forced” to meet new/local friends (comfort zone). Alone time can be a challenge depending on logistics and the person.

  3. Con for travel bloggers: Friends get annoyed by constant photo and video taking. They want you to just enjoy the damn holiday. Hahaha

  4. Con: Conflicting philosophies on how to travel. When I travel I like to make sure that my GPS and Google Maps work and just wander around. I think that deliberately getting lost is a great way to discover new places and people. Most of my friends would prefer to have a rigid, inflexible itinerary of activities.

  5. Pro – You get to share your knowledge of how to travel better with someone else(thanks again).

    Con – Some rooms have exposed toilets…

    Con/Pro – Airline messes up your flight and you have to leave your awesome suite at the W early, but at least your travel companion gets the Platinum breakfast still!

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