Uber Launches in Palm Springs Just in Time for Coachella

Uber just announced that they’re returning to the Coachella Valley in Palm Springs to bring safe and convenient rides during Coachella. Not only is Uber available during Coachella, but it’s here to stay permanently in Palm Springs. The Palm Springs Uber launch officially started today and you can begin requesting rides right now.


The pricing for Palm Springs and it’s vicinity is available on https://www.uber.com/cities/palm-springs. Here’s a rundown of the uberX and the UberBLACK pricing:

uberX : Base fare is $3.00 + $0.20 per minute + $2 per mile. The minimum fare is $5.

UberBLACK : Base faer is $8.00 + $0.30 per minute + $3.35 per mile. The minimum fare is $15.

How to Request an Uber ride during the Coachella Festival:

Getting rides from the Coachella Festival to your hotel or anywhere you want is easy. You must request the ride at the Uber Lounge in Lot 1C which is located near the corner of Avenue 49 and Monroe Street.


Want to get $20 off your first ride? Use this link to sign up: https://uber.com/invite/ewcvn

If you’ve already downloaded the app and signed up, enter the promotional code: ewcvn for $20 off your first ride.

Also enter UberALLACCESS into the promotional code tab to win free Uber experiences during Coachella. Check out the Coachella All Access blog for more info: http://blog.uber.com/allaccess


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