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American Airlines DFW-NRT 777-200 Business Class

I chose flying on the longer Dallas Fort Worth to Narita (DFW-NRT) route instead of Los Angeles to Narita (LAX-NRT) solely for the elite qualifying miles. Every little bit helps towards re-qualifying for American Airlines top tier Executive Platinum status. I was booked in economy, but I used a Systemwide Upgrade (eVIP, SWU) to upgrade myself to Business Class. I eventually cleared the Systemwide Upgrade waitlist a few days prior and was able to pre-select my meal. I wanted the coveted “special meal”, the Japanese Meal which must be pre-ordered 24 hours before the scheduled flight.

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American Airlines DFW-NRT 777-200 Business Class
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American Airlines NRT-LAX 777-200 Business Class

The Business Class cabin on the Boeing 777-200 (772) is a 2-3-2 configuration with angled-flat seating. Yes, this plane still has a middle seat in the Business Class cabin (#firstworldproblems right?). The seat also had a pillow and a blanket.

The in-flight entertainment system is conveniently located right in front of you.

I was offered a standard American Airlines Business Class amenity kit along with a pair of slippers.

The flight attendant had a passed tray of pre-departure beverages such as orange juice, water, and champagne. I went with a glass of champagne. I don’t know what kind of champagne it is, but it always gives me a slight buzz.

As the boarding door closed, the flight attendant handed out the Business Class menu. The menu reads as follows:

Starter – Fresh Mozzarella and Prosciutto with melon.

Salad – Seasonal greens with fresh vegetables, sweet and spicy pecans and blue cheese with your choice of creamy Asian-style dressing or premium extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Assorted gourmet breads will be served with your meal.

Entrees – Grilled Fillet of Beef with morel mushroom sauce, orzo ratatouille and Brussels sprouts with pancetta / Adobo Chicken served with achiote truffle sauce, purple mashed potatoes and vanilla-scented corn (a signature Chef Richard Sandoval item) / Curried Shrimp and Scallops served with jasmine rice and West Indian ratatouille (a signature Chef Cindy Hutson item) / Penne with Spicy Tomato Peperonata topped with fire roasted peppers and Parmasan cheese and a spicy tomato marinara sauce.

Steamed rice is available upon request.

Dine Upon Request – You may choose one of the featured entrees to be served with an appetizer and dessert presented all at once, at any time you wish.

Dessert – Traditional Ice Cream Sundae – Vanilla ice cream with your choice of hot fudge, butterscotch or seasonal berry toppings, whipped cream and pecans / Fresh Seasonal Fruit / Gourmet Cheese Plate – an assortment of fine cheeses with garnishes.

Mid-flight Snacks – Help yourself to a variety of sweet and savory snacks located near our galley

Snack – Entrees – Udon Noodles with broth / Ham and Swiss Croissant with an asparagus and red pepper salad / Fresh Fruit

Light Meal (Offered prior to arrival) – Entrees – Chilled Cilantro Chicken served over seasoned summer noodles / Uno’s Farmer’s Market Pizza served with green salad and classic Caesar dressing / Dessert – Banana Chocolate Drizzle Cake

Here is the wine and beverage list:

After the flight reached cruising altitude, I was offered a hot wet towel.

Afterwards, the flight attendant made my favorite drink, cranberry and vodka with lime. It went great with the hot mixed nuts.

As I said before, I chose the Japanese meal and it came with an array of appetizers.

The flight attendant apologized about the missing Japanese main entrée, so I went ahead and chose the Grilled Fillet of Beef which is basically a steak dinner.

Afterwards, I had the flight attendant make me an ice cream sundae with all the toppings.

After my meal, I went to sleep and woke up a few hours later. I couldn’t sleep for some reason, so I headed to the galley to check out the mid-flight snack. It was basically a snack basket with an array of savory treats.

The flight attendant asked me if I wanted something to eat like noodles or a sandwich and I said, “Sure, I’ll have the noodles”.  I went with the Udon Noodles with broth. It was basically like cold soba noodles except with Udon noodles instead.

I went back to sleep and an hour and a half before landing, the flight attendant woke me up for breakfast. I went ahead with the pizza which was absolutely disgusting.

The flight went relatively smooth and the food was delicious (except for the pizza). Always choose the Japanese option if you can since it’s almost always the better choice. Unfortunately something happened with the main entrée and I had to choose from the regular menu. Bear in mind that this is a really old plane with middle class business seats. The seats aren’t even lie flat, they’re angled flat. I don’t really mind the seat as I can sleep pretty well in angled flat seats. The service was fantastic and the flight attendants usually don’t bother you too much after the meal service.


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