The New American Airlines International Economy Class Continental Breakfast Box

Yesterday I wrote about the New American Airlines First Class Continental Breakfast Box. I’m not sure what American Airlines is trying to do with these new ‘continental breakfast boxes’, but I’m not a big fan of them. A lot of the commenters also claimed disgust as well and hopefully that won’t be the norm going forward.

Last night, I flew economy class on US Airways from Philadelphia to London (PHL-LHR) as part of my mileage run vacation to London, Krakow, and Warsaw. As a pre-arrival breakfast, I received the new American Airlines international economy class continental breakfast box. This was the second flight in a row that I’ve seen a continental breakfast box. Usually a hot dish like an omelet or a pizza is served as a pre-arrival breakfast on an international economy class flight.


The continental breakfast box contained a flat top muffin, cranberry medley, and a nut & oatmeal mix. One thing that was similar was the same nut & oatmeal mix appeared in the first class continental breakfast box.


I’m not sure what’s going on, but if I see another continental breakfast box again on my next flight, I think American Airlines is really going forward with these. Have you seen any of these on your American Airlines or US Airways flights?


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3 Comments on "The New American Airlines International Economy Class Continental Breakfast Box"

  1. Ditto…..looks terrible. There’s better stuff in the vending machines at work hehe

  2. Not sure what decade you last flew AA Y Europe, but pretty sure I was a kid when omelets were still around.

    Otherwise it was an unplated muffin/croissant, yogurt…and sometimes a banana.

    Omelets were even removed in J for a couple years in the late 90s (from ALL non-LAX originating cities).

    Lastly, today’s omelets (in F J of Y) don’t even have cheese, or perhaps 3 shreds. What’s tbe point?

  3. William Smith | January 8, 2015 at 6:31 pm | Reply

    All of the airlines serve this type of box in coach class now. I was on BA last week, and they had a box, and everything was served cold. Same with Virgin, Iberia, Air France, etc., etc. At least AA serves it warm. I agree with the last poster, coach hasn’t had a hot meal since I was a kid.

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