My UberFRESH Lunch and Dinner Experience in Los Angeles

Earlier today, I wrote that Uber launched a new food delivery service in Los Angeles this week called UberFRESH. Uber is giving everyone who’s new to UberFRESH up to $25 worth of free food and drinks. Enter the code: FRESHAPRIL under the ‘Promotions’ tab of the Uber App.

This promotional code works for new and existing Uber users. If you’re new to Uber, you can get a free ride up to $20 AND $25 worth of free food!

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I tried to order UberFRESH for lunch today, but there weren’t any UberFRESH cars available. 30 minutes later, I saw that there was a car available and I put my order in, but the app was stuck in ‘requesting’ mode.


Apparently demand was ‘off the charts’┬átoday during lunch and @Uber_LA tweeted out:


Since this is a relatively new food delivery service by Uber, I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. Dinner time rolled around 5pm and I decided to try my luck with ordering and there were a bunch of UberFRESH cars around Downtown Los Angeles.


I put in my order for a Grilled Turkey Meatloaf from Taste on Melrose ($14) and two Kincha Green Tea beverages ($3 each). My total came out to $20 + $3 delivery = $23.

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It only took a few minutes for delivery which was quick! The driver pulled up to the curb (they can’t go inside people’s home) and confirmed what I had ordered. He handed over my hot entree, a set of plastic utensils, and my two beverages.

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Apparently the UberFRESH LA drivers have all the entree selections and beverages pre-loaded into their vehicles already.

My total came out to $0 because of the free $25 UberFRESH promotion and I gave my driver a 5 Star rating.

uberfreshlosangeles9 uberfreshlosangeles10

The Grilled Turkey Meatloaf came with BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans, and a grilled corn on the cob. Everything was absolutely delicious and the BBQ sauce is to die for.


Again, if you’re new to Uber, you can get a free ride up to $20 AND $25 worth of free food!


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