Weekly Training Update 2014-03-30 and Upcoming Marathon Schedule

Weekly Training Update 2014-03-30 and Upcoming Marathon Schedule

So I registered for NJ marathon, which is in a few weeks. I’ll be slowly ramping up my weekly mileage so that the next few marathons will be long training runs. I don’t intend to run them very hard and make sure that I have enough strength to work out the week after without missing any days.

On Saturday, I did a fast 12 miles but now my legs are pretty sore. I will be focusing more on speed workouts rather than run slower in order to increase weekly mileage. I think the speed workouts will  be more beneficial than additions in weekly mileage.

Upcoming Marathon Schedule

Now that I’m back from Antarctica and officially a seven continents finisher, I’ve been doing some planning for my future marathons. My plan is to run 16 marathons in 16 different states/Canadian Provinces/countries between October 13th of last year to October 12th of this year.

So far, I only have 7. I rested quite a bit after my 5 marathons in 5 weeks across three continents and now I have some catching up to do. In short, I need 9 between now and mid October.

This requires me to run two doubles right before the deadline in October without traveling all over the US for marathons. Here are the ones I did in the past five months:

  • October 2013: Chicago Marathon
  • October 2013: Dublin Marathon
  • November 2013: Auckland Marathon
  • November 2013: Richmond Marathon
  • November 2013: Philadelphia Marathon
  • February 2014: Hong Kong Marathon
  • March 10th, 2014: Antarctica Marathon with Marathon Tours

My upcoming plans are:

  • April 2014: NJ Marathon
  • May 2014: Tacoma Marathon
  • July 2014: Mad Marathon in VT
  • September 2014: Oregon Marathon
  • September 2014: Kenai River Marathon in AK
  • October 2014: NH Marathon
  • October 2014: Maine Marathon
  • October 2014: Hartford Marathon
  • October 2014: Newport Marathon in RI

I am still looking for a race in NY as a backup in case I don’t end up running any one of the races above due to travel delays and such. There are two marathons in MA that I could do as well. It will depend on my travel plans in October as I want to go to Asia for another week.

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