My $7.59 airline ticket

I’m planning all of my travel for my December vacation and couldn’t believe my eyes when Kayak pulled up a $47 dollar ticket from Singapore to Langkawi, Malaysia on AirAsia.  I clicked over to the AirAsia website and sure enough, there was the $47 fare.   Not only did I find the $47 dollar fare, but I actually found a fare on the next day for $7.59.   I could not believe my eyes; this had to be too good to be true.

I proceeded with the purchase.  What I quickly discovered was that there were a lot of add-ons.  The taxes were actually more than the ticket at $30.38.  One checked bag added $19.41. A seat assignment added $12.66.  OneWay AirAsia Insurance (which I could find no way to opt out of) added $5.06 and finally, a $4.22 processing fee brought the ticket total to $79.32.

So, my $7.59 ticket ended up costing $79.32 after all the fees. Still, I can’t remember the last time I bought a ticket in the US for $80 so I consider this a great deal!

I’m planning a more detailed blog post about my December vacation and how much I will be spending in air fare overall.

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  1. When I went to Langkawi last year I found some fares to be “free”. BTW – I loved The Andaman – location, location, location…

  2. @PatMike – glad to hear your thoughts on the Andaman. I’m debating between that, the Sheraton and the Four Points. The fourpoints has a deal that’s almost too good to turn down. 1600 points and $30.

  3. @Jamison – right? Wait till you see how little I’m paying for everything else!

  4. We originally had reservations at the Westin and then I switched at the last minute to the Andaman and I was glad I did. The Westin is nice, but it reminded me of the Phuket Westin Siray Bay, in that it was a nice property but I LOVED the location of the Andaman. I drove to the Sheraton (I think the 4 Points is near there) and they had a nice afternoon tea. Hotel was pretty old and dated with a crummy beach.
    The Andaman has free naturalist walks through the on-site rainforest, with flying lemurs, 2 types of monkeys, hornbills and wild pigs. The pool and beach is very private with lots of shade (if you want it).
    We had a great time kayaking and exploring the small island off shore, where you can picnic.
    I’m always looking for a Starwood deal in cash and points or a low category property (I even went to Lombok when it was a cat 1, just for that), but I would not hesitate to pick the Andaman again.
    The breakfast there is also great, with self-serve champaigne and bloody marys.

  5. @PatMike – awesome feedback. Thanks! I just switched from Sheraton to Andaman.

  6. How terrible if there was no ability to opt out of the insurance – that would never fly here in the U.S.

  7. @Darren – yes, that would never cut it here. I guess on a $7 ticket they need to make some money! I mean, my ticket doesn’t even cover the cost of a gallon of fuel.

  8. Apparently air Asia is having a sale. We bought a return ticket from Singapore to kuala lumpur, Malaysia in oct for SGD70 – USD 58 each (including taxes etc). Way cheaper than taking the bus.

  9. @Damon – great price! Good time to fly Air Asia

  10. eagertraveler | August 11, 2012 at 5:42 pm |

    That kind of fare would spark fines in the US. Isn’t traveling in the 3rd world marvy!

  11. I’ll be at the Andaman in November and reporting on it shortly after my stay. Any property that Anne Scott is running is likely to be in top order.

  12. @Gary, seems I’m following you around the world! Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  13. I guess its their turn for another computer glitch,

  14. @Jorge – apparently AirAsia is known for big sales. From what I’m hearing from others, this is not uncommon for them.

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