Westin Copley Place Boston Supports Authorities

If you’re watching official coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombings you’ve likely noticed that officials have held press conferences from the Westin Copley Place Boston.


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In the wake of many tragedies, hotels have lent support as staging areas for officials, police, etc… I spoke with an official from the City of Boston who said that the staff of the Westin have gone out of their way to assist officials in whatever capacity has been required. “From the front door staff to the managers, the hotel has been great to us and we appreciate their flexibility and support,” said the official.

I’ve stayed at the Westin Copley Place before and it’s a huge hotel, a perfect location for press conferences and large events – in this case, a staging location for city and federal officials. The hotel is only blocks from the scene of the terrorist attacks at yesterday’s marathon.

Yesterday, via Twitter, The Westin Copley Place team responded “The first responders and officials have all been incredible, we’re happy to assist as needed.”

Hotels play a significant role in supporting the efforts of official and in this case, it looks like the Westin is doing just that.

Many hotels in Boston have increased security, some have restricted entry to guests only, and there are reports of some who have stopped accepting checked luggage to be held by bellman in storage. According to an industry trade journal some hotels in NY and DC have increased security at entry ways as a precaution.   Even with heightened security travelers should not be afraid to travel.

I’ve been in Israel during bombings and have twice been in Bangkok during bombings and the goal of the terrorists is to instill fear. We, as travelers, need to continue to support the industry by traveling as we would have before Monday (however, check your flights and plans if you’re going to Boston in the next few days.)

Tomorrow I’ll feature a story about Tourism and Terror with Interviews of experts in Israel and here in the US.

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