Getting Your Honeymoon Off to a Great Start

Once the wedding is over and you start your life as a married couple you want to hold on to that wedding day magic and get your honeymoon off to the best possible start. Some great tips to ensure its success are:

Book a Honeymoon You Can Afford

You’ve heard the old saying that you shouldn’t start married life off in debt and, with the expense of a wedding, you may find that your budget doesn’t stretch very far in terms of planning your perfect honeymoon. As lovely as tropical destinations are, you don’t have to spent two weeks sunning yourself on a far away beach – staying in the UK and enjoying a tranquil cottage or holidaying in a city or resort in Europe that means something to you is just as special. Choose to spend on the things that matter the most to you. Perhaps a particular trip brings back memories from your holidays as a couple at the beginning of your relationship, or maybe fine dining is what attracts you to a destination?

Stay at the Airport

Book into an airport hotel before your flight, like Travelodge in Heathrow and spend the night before you fly relaxing. You get to make sure you have everything you possibly need for your honeymoon in advance and there’s no worrying about whether you’ve left your tickets or passport at home. Staying at the hotel before you fly also ensures a good nights sleep, plus you’ll be closer to the airport so there’ll be no getting up ridiculously early and arriving at the airport already worn out before you start your journey.

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Plan Your Honeymoon Together

There’s no point booking a shopping trip to Paris when your new husband would rather be anywhere else than traipsing up and down the tree lined avenues carrying your bags as you pop into every shop along the way. Work out where you want to go and plan out activities to do each day together that both of you will enjoy. You’ll want to have some time to relax and spend some time alone together but you’ll equally want to really enjoy the destination you’ve booked and all that it has to offer. Perhaps take a romantic dinner cruise, try snorkeling for the first time, go horse riding or visit some beautiful and romantic historical buildings in the area.


Romantic Surprises

It’s the little things that help make your honeymoon that little bit more memorable. Perhaps arrange a surprise intimate breakfast for two on the balcony overlooking the sea or book a meal in a secluded spot on the beach or on a private island. Or order room service and indulge in champagne and strawberries before relaxing together in a rose petal filled bubble bath. And don’t forget to drop hints if you would like something similar arranged for you too.


Wherever you spend your honeymoon, you can be assured that it will be the memorable, romantic and enjoyable honeymoon that you’ve always wanted. Afterall, this one is all about the company, right?

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