New Year’s Eve in Peru with Yellow Underpants & Lentils

This year I spent New Year’s Eve in Peru. Peruvians take their traditions very seriously and New Year’s is no different. Here’s what I learned about the Peruvian traditions:

1. Wear Yellow Underpants

Yellow means good luck in Peru and the best way to welcome lady luck, according to Peruvians, is to wear a pair of yellow underwear. Tradition says, wear them inside out (but underneath your clothes) until midnight; then, at the stroke of midnight, flip them around. You’ll find street vendors throughout the city selling a types of yellow underwear.

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2. Run Around with Your Suitcase

Apparently, running around the street with your suitcase ensures that you will travel to someplace interesting in the next year. I know some frequent travelers who might partake in this tradition.


3. Eat 12 Grapes

Having 12 grapes – six green and six red – is key to having a prosperous new year. As soon as the clock strikes 12, you must quickly eat them one-by-one, accompanying each grape with a wish for 2015.


4. Coins in Shoes

Some people put a penny in their loafer, and in Peru, putting a coin in each shoe will bring you wealth in the New Year.


5. Grocery Shopping 

Go to the grocery store the day before New Year’s according to this Peruvian tradition. Aside from the green and red grapes, you’ll want to pick up some limes, a bag of lentils, wheat and a stick of cinnamon. Here’s the recipe: cut the limes in half and place one half in the four corners of your home. This keeps bad energy away.  Fill your pockets with the lentils, wheat and cinnamon. The lentils will bring money, the wheat prosperity and the cinnamon love.

These are some interesting traditions or perhaps superstitions is more appropriate.  What interesting New Year’s Eve traditions have you come across?

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  1. Nice post. I’m Peruvian living in Seattle. I miss my country and their traditions. All is complete true, my mom will run around the neighborhood with her suitcase and I always do my 12 grapes.

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