Is Israel Safe for Tourists?

It was my first time in Israel and I felt completely safe from the get-go. Everywhere I went, the Israelis and┬áPalestinians were very helpful in all instance and I didn’t feel threatened for my safety during the daytime or nighttime. Even though there is a ongoing conflict with the Israelis and the Palestinians, I felt completely safe in Bethlehem, which is controlled under the Palestinian Authority. There are a ton of checkpoints in the West Bank, but the officers were all very polite and you just need to show proper documents such as a passport when asked. Most of the time, they will wave you by without showing documents when they see you as a tourist.

Manger Square in Bethlehem, Palestine

Manger Square in Bethlehem, Palestine

The streets of Bethlehem

The streets of Bethlehem in Palestine

Shopkeepers were very hospitable and even offered complimentary hot mint tea and hot desert mint tea. It is considered rude to refuse.

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You won’t feel threatened by people wearing yamakas as they are all nice and friendly people.

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During the evening time in Tel Aviv, I ran across a group of Jewish men dancing the night away happily on a public street.


Once in a while, you might get pestered by children for money, but just walk away and they won’t bother you. Panhandling happens in every major cities everywhere in the world, so this is nothing new. The Palestinians drive pretty crazy in Bethlehem, so watch out when you walk around the narrow streets. I would highly recommend visiting Israel, even if you are a solo female┬átraveler as it is completely safe.

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