Oneworld Airlines Acknowledges London Heathrow Airport Transfer Frustrations


Recently, my sister booked a work trip from LAX-RDU-LHR-PRG-LHR-LAX on American Airlines. British Airways operated the flights from LHR-PRG and PRG-LHR. I wrote about Calling American Airlines to Advance Systemwide Upgrades since I ran out of eVIPs.

She came back from the trip a few weeks ago and recently received a survey from Oneworld airlines regarding her British Airways transfer at London Heathrow airport.


I’ve been to London Heathrow airport many times, but never have used it as a transfer station. From what I know, transferring from the American terminal to the British Airways terminal is a huge headache. I thought I’d like to let you know that they are very well aware of the situation and based on the lengthy questions, they are trying to minimize the transfer frustrations.


Have you gone through transfer hell at London Heathrow airport?


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  1. Andrew Ishikawa | October 1, 2013 at 7:00 pm | Reply

    We did a transfer once. We arrived early, had hand carry only and was the first from our flight to check-in at British airlines. We were told, “sorry you are to late for the flight it has already been closed off”. So sorry but you have to get the flight on the next day and there will be a charge. After talking blue in the face as there was a lot of time before our flight to get to the gate, the mass of connecting passengers from our AA flight arrived. I started at the agent and he told us that there is no guarantee and that they were not holding the flight if we do not get to the gate on time. Longer story short- we got there in ample time, even got a snack, and so did the 20+ people from our AA flight. I try very hard not to take ANY BA flights.

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