10 Signs That You Are Taking Too Many Vacation Days at Work

Here are 10 signs that you are taking too many vacation days at work.

1. Your coworkers are jealous of your Instagram and Facebook pictures.

2. Your coworkers ask you “So, when’s your next trip?” when you just got back from a 3 day weekend in Paris.

3. You hate it when your boss sudden says, “I need you here next week”. But you’ve already bought your non-refundable airfare and booked your prepaid hotels…

4. You constantly hear around the break room “How can he afford to take so many vacations?”.

5. You plan your vacations at work while on the clock.

6. You already have plans for time off next summer, but you haven’t told your boss yet.

7. You think about taking vacations more than doing actual work.

8. You’re constantly working during vacation because you need to catch up.

9. You lie to your coworkers where you’re going for the weekend, but you’re really going to Japan for two nights.

10. When you run out of Paid Time Off, you use your remaining Sick Days, Jury Duty, and Family Days for an exotic vacation.


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