How an Airline Automatically Checked Me In For a Flight via Twitter

Last week, I traveled with two of my friends from Bogota to Barranquilla, Colombia on LAN Airlines. We had a blast during our five days in Barranquilla and I couldn’t wait to get back to Los Angeles. I had booked two tickets for my friends using 4,500 British Airways Avios each from BAQ-BOG (Barranquilla to Bogota) on LAN Airlines.

When it was time to check-in 48 hours prior, the online seat selection map came up and I saw 1A, 1B, and 1C wide open due to my oneworld emerald status.


However, the seat map was buggy and unfortunately I was unable to secure the seat and it gave me an error message. I tweeted LAN about it and I Direct Messaged (DM’d) all three names, confirmation numbers, and the requested seats (1A,B,C).

Unfortunately they were unable to secure row 1 for all of us because I was the only “Preferente” elite and the two others were not. Here’s where I pulled a DYKWIA (“But I’m Preferente”) just like in the viral YouTube video “Hotel Check-In, Diamond Member” to see if it would work.


Needless to say, it didn’t work and they told me that the other guests in my party need to pay a fee. They told me to check with the LAN personnel at the airport, which I know by that time, the seats will be all gone.

I said okay, can you please seat us all together in a different row and LAN happily obliged. I was shocked that they had even checked us all in for the flight as well!


I love flying on LAN Airlines and their customer service is always outstanding. I understand that they have to comply with their rules regarding priority seating, even though I am a top tier oneworld emerald elite member. Perhaps it was due to having three different record locators which makes it harder whereas US domestic carriers have the ability to link PNR’s together. However, I did appreciate LAN arranging seats together and checking my entire party in for the flight via Twitter since the online check-in process gave me errors.

Has an airline ever checked you in for a flight via Twitter?


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