American Airlines LAX-MIA 757 First Class

The flight from LAX-MIA (Los Angeles to Miami) was early in the morning and I absolutely hate 6am flights. The reason I selected the early flight is because it minimized the layover time for my connection to Asuncion, Paraguay. Taking a red-eye would have been worse as I would have to spend close to 13 hours at Miami International Airport for my next flight. The flight time from Los Angeles to Miami was 5 hours.

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The 2-Cabin Domestic Boeing 757 First Class is in a 2-2 configuration with recliner seats.


Somehow, I always end up choosing a bulkhead aisle seat (don’t ask me why).


I had champagne as a pre-departure beverage at 6am (yes, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere).


After the flight reached cruising altitude, I fell asleep and missed the beginning of the meal service. I noticed the flight attendant took drink orders and served a biscotti cookie (not pictured) to other passengers. She also dropped a menu for me on the side while I was sleeping.

The First Class breakfast menu reads as follows:



Turkey Bacon Quiche – Served with grilled vegetables

Smoked Salmon and Bagel – Accompanied by bibb leaf lettuce, fresh sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, caper berry and whipped cream cheese

Steel Cut Oatmeal – With mixed berries and brown sugar

Served with a selection of breakfast breads


Mango Sorbet

Light Refreshment – Offered prior to arrival

Whole Fruit and Snacks – A selection of fresh seasonal fruit and premium snacks

Cookies – Freshly baked on board

When I looked at the menu, it reminded me of the LAX-JFK flight on the A321T which was identical. Since I’ve previously had the Smoked Salmon and Bagel dish on the LAX-JFK A321T flight, I decided to choose the Turkey Bacon Quiche option.


I was coming in with low expectations on the quiche, but it was actually quite big, filling, and delicious. The crust was flaky and it wasn’t your typical hard and dry egg quiche.

Dessert was served and you can’t go wrong with a Mango Sorbet at any time of the day.


I was so tired and fell asleep after meal service. One hour prior to landing in Miami, the flight attendant passed out freshly baked on board cookies with milk.


Note: I actually took this flight back in April 2014 (apologize, I’m behind on my trip reports) and here’s a recent LAX-MIA review of My Experience on the New American Airlines 2-Cabin Airbus A321 in First Class.


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  1. When did they bring back the bake on board cookies? Since the new menu roll out all I have seen is the prepackaged hockey puck they pass off as a cookie.

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