The Various Eats in Asuncion Paraguay

As you may know, one of my favorite things to do while traveling is to eat. I love eating local street food and having authentic meals at restaurants as well. I didn’t know much about Paraguayan food and I didn’t research online beforehand. I only spent two nights and three days in Asuncion, so this isn’t a comprehensive list of things to eat in Paraguay.

Introduction to Asuncion Paraguay
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I found a lot of street vendors milling about in downtown Asuncion selling all kinds of delicious foods. One of the first things I had was a mixed fruit cup topped with cream and it was absolutely delicious.

asuncioneats1 asuncioneats2

Other street vendors were selling chipas (bread) and churros.

asuncioneats3 asuncioneats4

A quick meal could also be found on street corners or shacks in the many plazas around Centro Asuncion.

downtownasuncion12 asuncioneats5

Local Paraguayans also love asado which means barbecue.


Empanadas are also local favorite snack item all throughout South America, especially in Paraguay.

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The most famous dish in Paraguay is Sopa paraguaya which is a cornbread that has a sour taste to it.


Chipas are also a local Paraguayan delicacy which is basically bread made with cassava (yuca), egg, and cheese. My favorite is the 4 cheese chipa (left pic).


I wanted to try a variety of local specialties, so I decided to go to a kilo restaurant called Marisa for lunch. The best thing about kilo restaurants is that you can choose whatever you want from the buffet and only pay by the weight in kilograms.

asuncioneats11 asuncioneats12

For dinner one night, I went to a restaurant in downtown Asuncion called La Vienesa which serves local delicacies. I had the milanesa which is a fried breaded meat cutlet and it was delicious. I washed it down with a Brahma chopp (beer).

asuncioneats13 asuncioneats14 asuncioneats15


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