Santiago Airport LAN TAM VIP Lounge Review

Last week during my 11 Hour Layover in Santiago Chile, I had the chance to visit the new LAN TAM (LATAM) VIP Lounge at Santiago’s Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL). The new LATAM Lounge at SCL Airport just opened last month and became the largest VIP Lounge in South America.

Since the new LAN/TAM Lounge was built at Santiago International Airport, they have since closed the Neruda and Mistral VIP Lounges which have been replaced by other airline lounges. According to the LAN website, the LATAM VIP lounge opens from 3am to 1am which almost makes it 24 hours.

The best way to get to the new LAN TAM Sala VIP Lounge is to access it from the Preferente Priority Check in area because the lounge is located to the left after clearing security. The Preferente check in area is an exclusive area for LAN elite members, oneworld sapphires, oneworld emeralds, First class customers, and Business class customers. There’s even a dedicated customs and security lane in the preferential check in area.


I was able to get into the LATAM Sala VIP Lounge because of my oneworld emerald status (American Airlines Executive Platinum) and I was traveling on LAN Airlines.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge2 latamsantiagoVIPlounge3

From the moment you walk in, you’ll see a departures board and a pretty cool art installation to the right.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge4 latamsantiagoVIPlounge5

The lounge is pretty ginormous with a huge ceiling and there were plenty of seats available on the lower level.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge6 latamsantiagoVIPlounge7 latamsantiagoVIPlounge8 latamsantiagoVIPlounge9 latamsantiagoVIPlounge10 latamsantiagoVIPlounge11

There’s also a communal work area that looks like a conference table.


There’s also a magazine rack and a small business center equipped with Apple desktop computers.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge13 latamsantiagoVIPlounge14

The buffet area consisted of small hot lite bites, sushi (empty), sandwiches (empty), assorted cheese (almost empty), deli meats (empty), bread, jam, fruit, and pound cake.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge16 latamsantiagoVIPlounge17 latamsantiagoVIPlounge18 latamsantiagoVIPlounge19 latamsantiagoVIPlounge20 latamsantiagoVIPlounge21 latamsantiagoVIPlounge22 latamsantiagoVIPlounge23 latamsantiagoVIPlounge24 latamsantiagoVIPlounge25

On another table, there was more bread, salted snack mix, chips, whole fruit, apple chips, and digestive cookies.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge26 latamsantiagoVIPlounge27 latamsantiagoVIPlounge28 latamsantiagoVIPlounge29 latamsantiagoVIPlounge30 latamsantiagoVIPlounge31

Beverages included orange juice, coffee, tea, water, and soft drinks from the fridge. There was also an assorted variety of bottled beer from the fridge.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge32 latamsantiagoVIPlounge33 latamsantiagoVIPlounge34

There was also a large variety of hard liquor such as brandy, gin, vodka, rum, and whiskey.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge35 latamsantiagoVIPlounge36 latamsantiagoVIPlounge37

There was also champagne and an assortment of red and white wine available.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge38 latamsantiagoVIPlounge39 latamsantiagoVIPlounge40 latamsantiagoVIPlounge41

The lower level seemed to be very busy with lots of guests occupying the available seating. That meant that the buffet spread was quite visited often and the staff had a hard time with replenishment. The coveted items were the assorted sushi, mini sandwiches, assorted cheeses and deli meats.

The new LAN TAM VIP Lounge is so ginormous, there was a second upper level with additional seating and buffet spreads.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge42 latamsantiagoVIPlounge43 latamsantiagoVIPlounge44

The upper level of the LATAM VIP Lounge was quiet empty with plenty of seating.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge45 latamsantiagoVIPlounge46 latamsantiagoVIPlounge47 latamsantiagoVIPlounge48

There was even a kid’s play room and a sleeping lounge area.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge49 latamsantiagoVIPlounge50 latamsantiagoVIPlounge65

The buffet spread consisted of assorted sushi, assorted cheeses, mini sandwiches, mini muffins, brownie bites, bread, and fruit salad.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge51 latamsantiagoVIPlounge52 latamsantiagoVIPlounge53 latamsantiagoVIPlounge54 latamsantiagoVIPlounge55 latamsantiagoVIPlounge56 latamsantiagoVIPlounge57

Beverages included orange juice and canned soft drinks, water, and bottled beer from the mini fridge.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge58 latamsantiagoVIPlounge59

Hard liquor was also available such as gin, whiskey, brandy, rum, and vodka.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge60 latamsantiagoVIPlounge61 latamsantiagoVIPlounge62

Red and white wine was also available.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge63 latamsantiagoVIPlounge64

In the back of the upper level lounge area, there was additional seating in the dining area with more food options.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge66 latamsantiagoVIPlounge67

The buffet spread consisted of small hot lite bites, salad, assorted deli meats, miniature sandwiches, bread, fruit salad, and pound cake.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge68 latamsantiagoVIPlounge69 latamsantiagoVIPlounge70 latamsantiagoVIPlounge71 latamsantiagoVIPlounge72 latamsantiagoVIPlounge73 latamsantiagoVIPlounge74 latamsantiagoVIPlounge75

There were also digestive cookies, granola bars, whole fruit, and a salty snack mix.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge76 latamsantiagoVIPlounge77

Tip: If you want dessert, you have to ask one of the lounge attendants to bring you Haagen Daz ice cream from the kitchen freezer.

Beverages included orange juice, pineapple juice, tea, coffee, and canned soft drinks from the mini fridge below the buffet spread.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge78 latamsantiagoVIPlounge79

The most impressive part about this lounge was the beautiful wine display décor.


There was also a selection of red and white wine.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge81 latamsantiagoVIPlounge82

The best part about the LAN TAM (LATAM) Sala VIP Lounge at Santiago’s Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL), is the shower facility.


The shower room was quite spacious and the best part was the bath amenities which included LAN toiletries and a Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit.

latamsantiagoVIPlounge85 latamsantiagoVIPlounge86 latamsantiagoVIPlounge87

I really like the new LATAM lounge at Santiago Airport despite the empty food spread on the lower level. The trick is to immediately go upstairs where they serve the exact same food as downstairs and relax in the serene dining area. I was quite impressed with the shower room as well because they give out a Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit which is the same one given to Business Class passengers onboard LAN Airlines flights.

Have you been to the new LAN/TAM VIP Lounge at Santiago International Airport?


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  1. Looks great the new LAN’s Lounge more than the Lounge os São Paulo’s Airport. Thanks for share your review

  2. I’m travelling tomorrow in LAN, and want to access the Santiago Airport LAN TAM VIP Lounge, but don’t have any membership. How much I have to pay in order to enter?

  3. Tim farrington | January 16, 2016 at 7:01 am | Reply

    Lounge is fine but good luck finding it if you’re in the departure area (I was in transit). After making numerous enquies I had to go through the duty free shop and take an almost unmarked elevator to the 4th floor to find in. A bit of directional signage would be appreciated.

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