My Experience Using UberPOOL to Get From SFO Airport to Downtown San Francisco

UberPOOL is a service from Uber that lets you split a fare with another rider​ (stranger). A few months ago, I wrote about My Experience Using UberPOOL in Los Angeles on how I got from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) for a flat rate of only $15.

I recently took a quick jaunt to San Francisco and found myself in a dilemma on how to get from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Downtown San Francisco. I asked myself questions like “Should I rent a car or take the BART?”

I was only in San Francisco for less than 24 hours and the rental car rates were ridiculously high ($130). If I rented a car, I would be faced with the huge parking problem in San Francisco and paying a ridiculous amount for parking. It really didn’t make sense to rent a car if I was only going to be staying in San Francisco city center. I usually end up taking the BART from SFO Airport to downtown San Francisco since Uber is usually an expensive option because of the far distance between SFO Airport and downtown SF.

After landing at SFO, I popped open the Uber app to get a fare estimate just for kicks. I saw that Uber was running a promotion called 7×7 for $7. “For a limited time, get anywhere in San Francisco in an UberPOOL for $7 or less. $15 for UberPOOL trips as far south as SFO. Max 2 riders per pickup.” (Trip must end at destination entered ina pp, or fare will be uberX time and distance rates.)


There was also an UberPOOL tips pop up which said “Your driver will wait up to 2 minutes for you. As a courtesy to your fellow pooler, make sure you’re ready to go. And remember, there’s a maximum of 2 passengers per pick up.”


I was super excited about this promotion because regular UberX fares from SFO Airport to Downtown SF can run from $35-$60 depending on traffic. I was with my friend, so it definitely made sense to UberPOOL since a one-way ticket on the BART from SFO Airport to downtown San Francisco is $8.65 ($17.30 for two people). UberPOOL is much cheaper from SFO and this is a story about My Experience Using UberPOOL to Get From SFO Airport to Downtown San Francisco.

I requested an UberPOOL from SFO Airport and I was immediately confirmed that my estimated wait time would be 6 minutes. At the bottom, there was a note saying ‘Looking for another rider, paying $15.00’. SFO Airport actually has an agreement with Uber where there are holding areas for Uber drivers and a designated dispatch person.


There was another pop up which said, “Meet at Departures. SFO policy requires your driver to pick you up on the upper level (departures). This helps reduce congestion, so please meet your driver there.”


I immediately received a text message from my UberPOOL driver, “Where r u exactly? Uber” I replied with, “United departures door 13 in Terminal 3” and he responded with an “Ok”.


I noticed that at the bottom of the screen, it said, “You’re pooling with Bryce, Paying $15.00”


The UberPOOL driver picked up Bryce first before picking us up from the United Terminal 3 at SFO Airport.

uberpoolSFO8 uberpoolSFO9

In the end, the entire trip from SFO Airport to Fisherman’s Wharf in Downtown San Francisco took 40 minutes and the total fare was $15.00 which was cheaper than taking a BART for $17.30 for two.


I had a great experience using UberPOOL in Los Angeles and now San Francisco. I highly recommend UberPOOL and if you’re new to Uber, you can receive $20 off your first ride, making UberPOOL essentially free.

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