My Experience Using UberPOOL to Get from LAX Airport to Downtown Los Angeles

Last month, Uber launched UberPOOL in Los Angeles which is a new service that lets you split the fare with two riders (you and a random stranger). I was intrigued in UberPOOL because I’m an avid Uber user and I love trying out new services all Uber related.

After landing at LAX from my recent trip to Guadalajara, I needed to request an Uber to get from LAX Airport to Downtown Los Angeles. I popped open the app, I saw that UberX was surging and that the UberPOOL option was available.


For a limited time, UberPOOL is currently running a promotion where it is charging a maximum $5 or less for any rides that originate and end to the left of La Cienega Blvd. (Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills) Similarily, it will cost a maximum of $5 or less for any ride that originates and ends to the right of La Cienega Blvd. (Hollywood, Silverlake, Echo Park, Inglewood, DTLA). Any UberPOOL trips crossing La Cienega Blvd (Santa Monica to Downtown LA) will cost $15 or less. Be aware that this is a limited time offer.


I hopped on a random hotel shuttle to get out of the LAX terminal area because you can’t request UberPOOL from the airport itself. However you can request UberPOOL once the app recognizes you’re off LAX airport property. One of the main reasons why I took UberPOOL that day was because I saw that UberX was surging at a ridiculous multiplier. I kept switching tabs between UberX and UberPOOL and the cars on the map did not change. That’s when I realized that UberPOOL drivers were actually UberX drivers too.


Bear in mind that you do need to put in a destination address because it will match up with another rider who is making an UberPOOL request that is headed the same direction as you are. This is the logical behind UberPOOL. I requested an UberPOOL and was surprised that a Cadillac CTS luxury vehicle was going to be picking me up! Below there was also a note stating that I was pooling with another rider named ‘G’.


The UberPOOL driver picked up ‘G’ first and I was still in shock that I was going to be riding in a Cadillac Uber from LAX to Downtown LA for $15 or less. The first thing I noticed was the amazing in car speaker and video system where I felt like I was in a stretch limo heading to a nightclub.

The other rider eventually introduced herself to me as Gabrielle and she was headed towards the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown LA. I was headed the same way as well. I learned that Gabrielle was from Atlanta and in town for a modeling shoot in Los Angeles.  She was new to the area and asked for suggestions on what to do and where were the best places to eat in Los Angeles. I happily provided that information and we exchanged numbers before she was dropped off first.

The ride ended up being $17.59 after the 50% split fare with Gabrielle. If I had taken UberX alone, the ride would have ended up being double, $35.18.


Because UberPOOL was having a maximum of $15 promotion, I only ended up paying $15.00. Here is the complete fare breakdown of my ride.


UberPOOL was such an amazing experience and I got to meet a stranger who now I became friends with. I highly recommend UberPOOL and if you’re new to Uber, you can receive $20 off your first ride, making UberPOOL essentially free.

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18 Comments on "My Experience Using UberPOOL to Get from LAX Airport to Downtown Los Angeles"

  1. Was she hot? 😉

  2. So she wasn’t hot.


  4. Ha haa uber hook up! 😉

  5. Uber matchmaking service: take a romantic scenic drive/architecture drive by tour/other date type thing and stop for a picnic/lunch/wine tasting/nightclub/sunset walk on the beach/dinner/other.

    I think it could work.

    I love Uber and Lyft makes transition to not owning a car possible.

  6. Uber vs Groupon LAX parking? I’m going to travel this week and be away for 6 days. I live in mid city Los Angeles(La Cienaga & Venice). I’ve used Groupon LAX parking in the past and gotten some decent deals. The current deal is $15 for 3 days with this one place I’ve used a few times, so it’ll be like $30/$35 for 6 days. Would taking Uber be a better deal? (as you can tell, I’m rather new to Uber but very curious).

    • I would suggest catching a ride left of La Cienega to get to the airport because it would only cost you a maximum of $5 using UberPOOL. When you get back to LAX, catch a hotel shuttle and request an UberPOOL to your home (left of La Cienega) and it would be a maximum of $5. Total out of pocket expenses $10 vs. $35+ taxes for 6 days of airport parking. If you’re new to Uber, sign up using my link and get $20 off!

  7. I live 1 block from La Cienega and just need to cross the street to be on the left (east) side! I’m already a member, so thank you for the link. I’ve never used the service. Also, thank you for the advise! I’ll just do UberPOOL!

  8. Ok – used Uber and I have to say this was by far the best way to avoid paying for parking or having to use Super Shuttle! I did use the ‘be west of La Cienaga’ to get there, that was fine and the driver was great! Got there quickly and flew through check-in. On the return I was tired from a long day so I just opt’d for the drop off at my front door and didn’t have a problem spending the extra money. The return driver was super nice and even asked if I wanted a bottle of water from his cooler in the back. This is a terrific service and I’m sure to use it again! Thank you for the tips and the email responses!

  9. Dino Grandoni | June 5, 2015 at 9:01 am | Reply

    Hi, my name is Dino Grandoni. I’m a reporter for The New York Times. I’m interested writing a story about the serendipitous interactions that services like UberPool afford its customers. I love to talk to you about this LAX trip (or any other trip you’ve taken). My email is and my number is 716-818-0825. Let me know either way if you’re interested. Thanks!

  10. So what did the driver think of UberPool? Seems to me that Uber gets over like bandits because one driver did the work of two, so another dirver missed out on the chance for a ride.

  11. Hi Jamison! Thank for your article on uberPOOL. Because it is not available in my country, I cannot download the app. But I am planning to travel from LAX to culver city via uberPOOL, any advice on how I can do that? Thanks!

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