One Mile At A Time Invents Time Travel, But Mr Pickles is King

If you’re attending FTU, or read One Mile At A Time, you probably heard that Lucky invented time travel…well, sort of.  Lucky’s post yesterday, which had to be one of his funniest yet, created quite a stir with some readers.  In case you missed it, Lucky went back in time – to April 1st – and decided to play a belated April Fools joke on his readers.

A featured speaker at FTU, Lucky posted that he’d found an unheard of mistake fare on Air France in First Class in their new A-380.  He said he was going to miss his morning session so that he could fly to France, and be back in time for the afternoon sessions.  I couldn’t believe the number of readers who actually fell for the joke – granted, it’s 26 days after April Fools…but still, a $69 first class fare AND he’d be back for the afternoon sessions? Are people really that gullible?  Yep, apparently, you should see some the angry comments.  Here are few of the comments that just made me say “huh””

Dumb Joke. I can’t believe you would do that to your followers.Very unloyal and disrespectful. – Sam

I think you’re awesome. I’m living vicariously through you. I wish I had the balls to do the things you’re doing, although FF programs were in their infancy when I was your age.This was a FANTASTIC gag! Reading people’s reactions shows that you have many, many passionate fans – Steve 

Quote “I’ve faced a lot of tough decisions in my life, though choosing between Air France first class for $69 and attending Frequent Traveler University is definitely one of the toughest.” One of the toughest decisions of my life? All I can say is Wow. I think that instead of taking the trip you need to get a better grip on your priorities. As the ones you’ve displayed in this post have lost you at least one reader – Jeff 

People really got passionate and heated with their comments!  Like I said, I thought the whole thing was hysterical – if only FTU coincided with April Fools…Lucky would have had something there!   Having said that, I still think The Mr Pickles April Fools joke, which he posted on April 1st, was the best I’ve seen in a long time – he’s the King of April Fools Travel jokes.  The Mr. Pickles bought a bank (The Bank of Pickles?) and funded a First2Board Credit Card with the most unheard of points/miles program ever!

Unfortunately, Lucky s trip back to April Fools Day wasn’t so successful – or at least his readers didn’t think so – but I’m still laughing! I personally can’t wait to see what Lucky comes up with next April 1st!

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  2. @LIH Prem – If you are having trouble enlarging the font, why don’t you try using the Reader function in Safari or download the Clearly extension for Chrome? Not only does it allow you to change the font size, but it provides a clean page without all the ads.

  3. @LIH Prem – I am unsure why the font size won’t increase. That’s not something I have control over, it’s a platform challenge. But Flip has a great suggestion to use the Reader Function!

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