Thirty-three percent of Americans Admit They Steal From Hotels recently published a report highlighting the habits of travelers around the world – specifically – what we steal from hotels! Hotels know that people are going to take certain things, and in fact, some things are meant to be taken. Toiletries, for example, are there for the taking.  Now, no one’s saying you should raid the housekeeping cart, but the bottles in your room are there for your use – and if you like them, and take them home, you’re more likely to buy the brand.

But what about the other amenities in the room?  The robes, the coffee/tea, the bedding…would you take those?  Well, 33% of Americans surveyed by admitted to stealing one or more items from a hotel.  Globally, 35% of travelers admitted to taking more than just the toiletries.

You might be surprised by the results.  While a majority of hotel guests globally (65 per cent) say they’ve never pilfered an item from a hotel room, Danish travelers come out on top as exceptionally honest with 88 per cent saying they’ve never pocketed a hotel amenity. Here’s how the rest of the countries surveyed rank… assuming the respondents were honest…

The Habits of Sticky-Fingered Global Travellers
Rank (by honesty) Country Per cent that have neverpocketed hotel property Most commonly taken item
1 Denmark 88 Magazines/books
2 Netherlands 85 Magazines/books
3 Norway 84 Linens/towels
4 Brazil 81 Magazines/books
Canada (Quebec) 81 Linens/towels
Hong Kong 81 Linens/towels
7 Italy 80 Linens/towels
8 Russia 79 Magazines/books
9 Taiwan 78 Magazines/books
South Korea 78 Magazines/books
11 Argentina 77 Magazines/books
Singapore 77 Magazines/books
13 Ireland 75 Linens/towels
14 UK 74 Magazines/books
15 Switzerland 73 Magazines/books
New Zealand 73 Magazines/books
Japan 73 Magazines/books
Finland 73 Magazines/books
19 Germany 72 Magazines/books
Australia 72 Magazines/books
21 France 71 Magazines/books
22 Canada (excluding Quebec) 70 Magazines/books
23 U.S. 66 Linens/towels
China 66 Furnishings (lamp, clock, artwork)
25 Sweden 65 Linens/towels
26 Spain 64 Magazines/books
27 India 62 Magazines/books
28 Mexico 60 Magazines/books
29 Colombia 43 Magazines/books

While more than a third of global travellers have stolen hotel amenities, there are a few niceties that guest are willing to pay for according to the survey: a room with a view (29 per cent) and a balcony (17 per cent) came out on top.

The Favorite Hotel Amenities Survey also revealed that free Wi-Fi is king when it comes to must-have hotel amenities.

  • 34 percent say free Wi-Fi is the number one factor in choosing a hotel even on leisure stays.
  • 56 percent of respondents said free Wi-Fi is their number one must-have when travelling for business.
  • 66 percent indicated free Wi-Fi is the amenity they most wish would become standard at all hotels in 2013.

Creature comforts of home and food are also high on the priority list for travelers according to the survey:

  • 23 percent chose high-end coffee makers as their top modern in hotel room amenity.
  • 43 percent said complimentary bottled water is the most appreciated simple amenity.
  • Happy hours, wine tastings or any other time with free food and drinks is 42 percent of global travelers  favorite newly offered hotel service amenity.
  • 23 percent cite unlimited free food and beverages as their most missed comfort from home when travelling.

Have you ever taken something from a hotel?

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  1. Love that Canada is split into Quebec vs. Not Quebec 🙂

  2. It would be nice in the future to include a link to the published version of the story you’re quoting the data from, in addition to the affiliate link you’ve got in there. Sometimes people like to actually read the original source.

  3. @Wandering Aramean – source is press release. Here is a link to the press release

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