10 Nights In Hawaii, 80k Starpoints

As I posted yesterday, I’m planing a December trip to Hawaii and will spend 17 days there.  I showed yesterday how I’m flying to Hawaii from Charleston, SC for $1900 with the main part of trip in First Class.

Today I’m sharing a deal I found for 10 nights at the Sheraton Kona for 80,000 points. I have a friend who booked 5 nights there (for a portion of the time I’m there) for 40,000 points.  This 10-day period overlaps Christmas and New Years Eve when prices sky rocket.

The best available rate for the same 10-day period is a pre-paid rate of $219 plus taxes. For 10 nights the cost, before taxes, would have been $2,190. That would have blown my entire budget with 7 additional nights to fill.

kona best rate

Now I’m looking to book 7 nights which I’ll be splitting primarily between Kauai and Maui.  Frugal Travel Guy gave me the great idea of staying at the Grand Hyatt Kauai and I can use Chase Ultimate Rewards for that. I have Hilton and Marriott points that can be used as well, so as I plan those nights I’ll share the plans here as well. I’m hoping to find some good points deals!

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  1. ten days is way to long in kona and really on the big island. try the Hilton waikoloa resort for a couple nights the other side of kona

  2. I will look at the Hilton @Rick, Thanks!

  3. Yes, I would take some days from the Big Island and give them to Kauai – you can’t see all of the BI in 7 or even 10 days, but you can get a really good overview of Kauai (it’s much smaller) in 7 days – and start making the list of all the things you want to do on your return trip… =]

    What about the Chase Hyatt card for the two free nights? We’re staying at the Hyatt for the our last two nights (after 5 nights in a house in Hanalei) and are debating using UR points or getting the Hyatt card…

  4. The Mystery Traveler | June 6, 2013 at 3:57 pm |

    Make sure to go to the green sand beach on Big Island. Most southern most part of the island. Is a trek to get there, but worth it. Will need an SUV, by car will require a very long hike

  5. The Mystery Traveler | June 6, 2013 at 4:00 pm |

    Oh yeah, and before you head to the green sand beach. Head on over to Punaluu Bake Shop. Best malasadas on the island! Way better than Tex Drive-In.

  6. @The Mystery Traveler – good tips! Thanks

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