Apple Watch Battery Drains On Vacation

A few weeks ago I wrote about my initial reactions to traveling with the Apple Watch and how it could benefit travelers.  Now that I’ve had my watch for about 75 days, I’ve had the chance to use it many different travel situations.

Last week I was in Thailand where the average temperature was in the high 90s (actually pretty nice for Thailand in July.) And a few days we spent a significant amount of time outside in the sun.  I noticed that on the days we were in the heat for long periods, the watch battery drained much more quickly than on the average day.

I typically charge my watch each night to 100% and find that by the end of the day my battery is about 50-60% remaining.  It took two full days for the battery to drain completely this week.  In Chiang Mai, I found I was at 22% remaining after 1/2 day out in the sun.   I’ve also experienced similar issues w/my iPhone/iPad when it gets overheated.

There are several threads on the Apple website and other sites indicating people are having problems with battery life and have had the watch replaced if the problem isn’t resolved by resetting the software.  I haven’t taken that route yet, but will keep my eye on battery life and perhaps keep the charger in my backpack when on vacation.

Have you experienced any Apple Watch battery problems?


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