Points Summary

American Airlines ORD-LHR 777 Business Class


I had upgraded myself to the next class of service using American Airlines systemwide upgrades. I bought this ticket for less than $400 on coach economy, but since this flight was operated by American Airlines, it’s available for a systemwide upgrade from any class fare. The tricky part is that my ticket was marketed and sold by El Al which made it incredibly difficult to find an agent willing to process the systemwide upgrade, but I was successful.

The configuration of the plane was 2-3-2 and I was assigned a middle seat in business class which to some people might be #firstworldproblems. The business class seat contained a blanket, pillow, and a business class amenity kit.

The flight attendant passed by the aisle with a pre-departure beverage and the choices were champagne, orange juice, or mimosa. I gladly chose champagne since I was in the mood for bubbly.

An hour after take off, the flight attendant took orders from the menu on this evening dinner flight.

To start, service began with towel service.

Hot mixed nuts were served right after and my choice of drink was a coke with lime.

The cured salmon with poached pear and avocado creme appetizer with salad were all served in one tray.

For my entree, I selected the grilled beef tenderloin with charred romesco sauce, corn puree, and haircots verts which is a signature Richard Sandoval item.

For dessert, I chose the vanilla ice cream sundae with all the toppings and sauces.

An hour and a half before landing, breakfast was served which consisted of an omelet with breakfast potatoes and fresh fruit.

The service was pretty forgettable since after dinner was served, the cabin lights dimmed and people were already sleeping. This is pretty much standard on a red eye flight in my terms because arrival in London was early in the morning. I didn’t expect much in terms of service, but the food was delicious!

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