Points Summary

The Sights and Sounds of Tel Aviv


I was only in Tel Aviv for a short 8 hours the first day (much of it sleeping) and 5 hours on the last day, so this is not a comprehensive list of things to do in Tel Aviv. I wish I could have had more time in Tel Aviv, but I was only able to capture the beautiful Tel Aviv beaches and go out on the last night of my trip. This is only the beginning and I want to share some of the sights that I have captured. First off, Tel Aviv is also known as the Miami of the Middle East which of course means beaches and partying.

Here are views of Tel Aviv city center that I took from my hotel room.

One night I came across a group of Jewish men singing songs and dancing in a circle. I was taking photographs of the event and they were nice enough to invite me and I also danced along with them.

There are plenty of things to do including shopping, beaches, nightlife, and of course dining out at restaurants. I strolled around Dizengoff Street which is named after Tel Aviv’s first mayor and it’s one of the most important central streets in Tel Aviv. There are tons of restaurants lined up on Dizengoff Street with bars and nightclubs.

After dinner, I headed to Ben Gurion Tel Aviv airport to catch a super early morning flight. The airport was very lively, even at 3am! After clearing security, I was amazed at the spectacular fountain dance and rain shower located right in the middle of the terminal.

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