Points Summary

Paris CDG American Airlines Admiral’s Club Lounge

My flight from Tel Aviv to Paris was pretty smooth and I had a chance to buy some macarons from Laduree and visit the American Airlines Paris CDG Admiral’s Club during a short layover.

The lounge wasn’t that packed, but there was a plethora of hot and cold items to choose from as well as an array of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Split pea soup, sandwiches, and croissants were among my favorites.

The coolest thing happened in the lounge was being able to meet Southern Travel Girl for the first time as she recognized me. Bear in mind that First2Board was not even born yet and the fact that we met for the first time in Paris was amazing. We quickly caught up and found out that we were boarding on the same flight back to Chicago. I ended up in coach on the way back to Chicago since my system-wide upgrade did not go through. I highly recommend this lounge as the food was great and it’s much better than a domestic US Admiral’s Club lounge.

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