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American Airlines Arrivals Lounge at London Heathrow


American Airlines has an Arrivals Lounge at London Heathrow for qualifying passengers travelling in:

In this case, I am an Executive Platinum travelling on an international itinerary which automatically grants me access to the Arrivals Lounge. The hours of operation are from 7am to 2pm.

To access this lounge, exit customs and follow the signs to the American Airlines Arrival Lounge which are clearly marked and you will need to take an elevator to the upper level.

When I first checked in at the front desk, I asked for a shower room because I had just gotten off a long flight from Chicago. The attendant told me there were approximately 28 shower facilities in the Arrivals Lounge which completely shocked me. The showers seemed kind of dormitory as there were so many different doors and hallways leading to a shower room. When you first open the door, it has somewhat a green kind of feel to it which at this point doesn’t matter because you want to feel refreshed after the shower. The shower pressure was really good as you can get multiple streams from the top and the middle giving your body a full blast. There is also a closet where you can hang some clothes for them to complimentary press for you.

After I took a shower, I went to the main lounge area where breakfast was being served. The lounge seemed pretty empty since my flight arrived shortly after 7am and was probably one of the first ones inside.

An English breakfast was being served which consisted of baked beans, eggs, sausage, bacon, and hash browns. There were also a variety of pastries and cookies served.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this lounge if you have access to it since the shower facilites are well worth it. The breakfast spread was also very good, but keep in mind this lounge closes very early at 2pm.





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