The Sights and Sounds of Downtown Asuncion Paraguay

Downtown Asuncion is where all the action takes place in the capital city of Paraguay. There are a lot of hotel choices ranging from budget to luxury located right in the city center of Asuncion. Centro Asuncion is also a shopping mecca for goods and the best foods can only be found in downtown. There are also a lot of historical buildings, museums, and churches all in the heart of downtown Asuncion.

Introduction to Asuncion Paraguay
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Downtown Asuncion is a great base for travelers since there are many hotels in Centro such as the highly rated Las Margaritas Hotel.


Tons of street vendors line up on Calle Palma if you’re into artesanal handicrafts and counterfeit items, but if you’re looking for electronics, head to the Asuncion SuperCentro.

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There are also many Galerias in downtown such as Galeria Central and Feria Asuncion.

downtownasuncion5 downtownasuncion6 downtownasuncion7

Other typical shops would be retail storefront boutiques and bookstores.

downtownasuncion8 downtownasuncion9

There are many restaurant options to choose from including dine in and street food.

downtownasuncion10 downtownasuncion11 downtownasuncion12

Yerba Mate vendors can also be found on various street corners.


Local Paraguayans love playing a game of chess with friends in order to pass time.


You can also find the Museo del Ferrocarril also known as Museo de la Estacion Central del Ferrocarril Carlos Antonio Lopez which is a Railway Museum.


I love looking at the beautiful historical colonial architectural buildings in downtown Asuncion.

downtownasuncion16 downtownasuncion17 downtownasuncion18 downtownasuncion19

Street art murals are also notable on the sidewalks of Centro Asuncion.


There are also many government buildings in Centro Asuncion such as the Direccion de Apoyo Tecnico Dpto. De Investigacion de Delitos which is a police station and the Ministerio de Educacion y Cultura Escuela Basica.

downtownasuncion21 downtownasuncion22

There are many churches scattered throughout downtown Asuncion, but the most famous one is the Catedral de la Asuncion (first picture).

downtownasuncion23 downtownasuncion24

Nearby the Asuncion Cathedral is Plaza de Armas which overlooks the Biblioteca y Archivo Central del Congreso Nacional.


The most famous building in Plaza de Armas is the El Cabildo which is also called the Town Council and it’s operated by the Cultural Center of the Republic.


In front of the El Cabildo is a statue of Juan de Salazar y Espinoza who founded the Paraguayan city of Asuncion.


In the same Plaza de Armas, you can find monuments such as canons, a tree without leaves, and a makeshift memorial.

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