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Hong Kong 2014: Cathay Pacific The Wing First and Business Lounge

Hong Kong 2014: Cathay Pacific The Wing First and Business Lounge

Singapore 2014:

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Hong Kong 2014:

Hong Kong Wing: First

It is so much easier to go into the first class lounge from immigration as you make a left and it’s less than 50m away. Business class, you will have to go downstairs and then walk all the way to gate 2 to go up the escalator to the business lounge.


Small but well decorated. Champagne bar was nice. I tried the Moet Rose, which was nice. Exactly what I expected: Moet but with a hint of tannin from the grape skin.


Dining was very nice with table service and the short menu was good. Buffet had many good options.

Business Class Lounge:

Food was good but the best part was their noodle bar and dim sum. So overall, I think the food selection in the business lounge is better than first. I’m sure you can order it at table service but how would you know if you haven’t been in the business class lounge?



This was a great lounge. Too bad I only had about 90 minutes before I had to get on my flight back to Singapore to complete my mileage run. The food in First and Business was great. The food selection in First class was slightly better but I loved that the business lounge had a noodle bar and dim sum. The champagne bar in First was awesome as well.

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