Who’s Your LoungeBuddy? Limited Time FREE Membership

Do you have a LoungeBuddy?  Deciding which airport lounge to relax in can be challenging if you’re not familiar with an airport and its facilities. Now, there’s an app for that! LoungeBuddy unlocks the mystery of airport lounges. Available for the iPhone, LoungeBuddy will instantly provide you the information you need to pick the right lounge. You’ll be able to review lounge amenities, reviews, locations, and cost/access requirements right on your phone. By becoming a part of the LoungeBuddy community, you can view real photos and reviews for each lounge from other LoungeBuddy members. No longer will you have to rely on airport or airline information about lounges only to find that it’s old, outdated information and the lounge no longer looks or functions in the same way.

LoungeBuddy takes the guesswork out of figuring out how to get into a lounge. Whether you’re a casual traveler looking to access a lounge or a road warrior in an airport every week, tell LoungeBuddy about yourself and the app will tell you the lounges you have access to at no cost or those you can access for a one-time fee.

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I was given early access to LoungeBuddy and took it for a test drive – or test fly rather – over the past few weeks.  Having been to Beijing only 1 time previously, and with no time to explore lounges, I had no familiarity with what was available to me. I used LoungeBuddy and was able to find lounges in Beijing that I have free access to.  I was able to find several lounges close to the gates I would depart from, identify which ones had dress codes, which had the amenities I was looking for.

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The app is easy to use, remembered my favorites and recent searches.  I will – and have – already made use of the app on a few occasions.  I was able to find out which lounges at JFK I had access to when flying Air China.  I also decided to take a look at an airport I’m extremely familiar with to see what type of information the app provided – was the info good?  Well, I searched for lounges at – you guessed it – Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.  The information about the lounges was very detailed and accurate from my experience.

LoungeBuddy wants to offer readers of VeryGoodPoints exclusive access to the app. For a limited time, you can become a member of the LoungeBuddy community and download the app for FREE. There are a limited number of memberships and the offer is for a limited time, so don’t wait…download the app today! (I do not receive any compensation from LoungeBuddy)

Use this link: http://www.loungebuddy.com/verygoodpoints/  which has been customized for readers of VGP to get the app. The app isn’t available to the public yet, so you won’t find it in the iTunes Store – you can only get is via this link.  Let me know what you think of LoungeBuddy – I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.


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  1. No Android?

  2. I’ve been playing with this app for 15 minutes and I’m addicted. Lots of cool photos, easy rating system, and fairly simple interface. Sounds like my new go-to app. 🙂

  3. @M – I’m sure someday they may do an Android app, but you have to start somewhere!

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