The Sights and Sounds of Avenida Circunvalacion in San Pedro Sula

Avenida Circunvalacion is a popular street located on “The Ring” highway in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. On this street you will find major shopping malls, hotels, banks, and restaurants. It is also considered to be the safer side of “The Ring” highway, but it’s highly advised to not walk outside during the night since San Pedro Sula is labeled as the most dangerous place in the world.

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San Pedro Sula is pretty much a car culture with hardly any pedestrians walking during the daytime on Avenida Circunvalacion.


There was a Dippsa gas station nearby the InterContinental San Pedro Sula hotel and adjacent was a food truck selling hot dogs, fries, and sandwiches.

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I was surprised to find an American Airlines building across the street from the Dippsa gas station.


Nearby was a cool roundabout with a monument.


There was a street vendor selling all kinds of flags from different countries nearby a church.

sanpedrosula6 sanpedrosula7

I’ve noticed that San Pedro Sula is very big on chain restaurants and McDonalds is no stranger.


I wander towards an empty street in San Pedro Sula adjacent to Avenida Circunvalacion and had second thoughts, so I went back to the main road.

sanpedrosula10 sanpedrosula9

A lot of shops were closed on Sunday such as Floristeria Casa Club Dules Detalles which is a flower shop. Mr. Balinera, an automotive shop was also closed.

sanpedrosula11 sanpedrosula12

However, restaurants were fully open such as Restaurante Macau (Chinese), Las Carnitas Restaurante Tipico (Mexican), Dragon Palacio (Chinese), and Power Chicken (Honduran).

sanpedrosula13 sanpedrosula14 sanpedrosula15 sanpedrosula16

As you can see, there was hardly anyone walking on the sidewalk because locals love to drive everywhere. I didn’t encounter any tourists during my walk on the entire stretch of Avenida Circunvalacion.


Here’s a bizarre stop sign in San Pedro Sula which has the words Coca Cola. It means that this is the road to El Merendón to see the Coca Cola sign which resembles much like Los Angeles’ Hollywood sign.


Another bizarre sighting was vendors selling puppies in broad daylight on Avenida Circunvalacion.

sanpedrosula21 sanpedrosula22 sanpedrosula23 sanpedrosula24

You can find typical strip malls on Avenida Circunvalacion such as Plaza Moderna.


There are also two larger malls called City Mall and MultiPlaza Mall if you’re looking for a typical American mall with brand names and designer goods.

sanpedrosula26 sanpedrosula27 sanpedrosula28 sanpedrosula29 sanpedrosula30


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