Sneak Preview of My Upcoming International Trips For 2015

I’m a big fan of international travel and I love writing long thorough multi-installment trip reports. To kick off 2015, I’ll be heading back to the most dangerous country on Earth, Honduras (which I survived earlier this year). I’m planning to rent a car and drive to the northern Caribbean coastal cities of Tela and La Ceiba to catch some sun. Afterwards, I will be heading to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic to catch some more sun and have some amazing Caribbean food. This would be my first time in the Dominican Republic and I can’t wait to add a new stamp to my passport.

In March, I have lengthy trip to Mexico City (for the umpteenth time), Bogota, Quito, Guayaquil, and Lima (also for the umpteenth time). Quito and Guayaquil in Ecuador would be two new cities and a new country for me to cross off the list in 2015. I’m excited about visiting Ecuador since I’m a huge fan of Latin America.

In May and June, I will be doing three (yes, THREE) mileage runs to Iguazu Falls with overnights in Lima, Santiago, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. I’m excited to visit Iguazu Falls not once, but three times this year and I’m more excited about my built in overnight layovers. I have crazy ideas like renting a car in Iguazu Falls (manual transmission driving) and driving across the border to Paraguay (which I visited earlier this year).

In the summer, I will be in the Middle East visiting Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar for the very first time. I fell in love with the Middle East since my trip to the United Arab Emirates and Oman this past summer.

In the fall, I have a week-long trip to Morocco where I will be renting a car from Marrakech and driving North to the Mediterranean coast. I have a crazy idea on driving from Morocco to Algeria as well! Another idea is to go country hopping by plane via low cost carriers to different parts of Africa. This would be my first time to Morocco and the continent of Africa.

That’s all I have planned so far with more to come and I’m excited about my travel plans for the new year!

Where will you be heading to in 2015?



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  1. Traveling to Audtalia for a month and Ireland for a month.

  2. In March I am doing 5 nights in AMS and 2 in MAD with a friend,in April 6 Nights in egypt, in June 4 days in Vancouver to visit friends, and in Sept I have a 2 week RTW for my birthday with stops in the UAE, maybe oman, Singapore for the F1 race and hong kong then back to the US.

  3. We are still planning some of our trips but we’re heading to Puerto Rico (fake international!) in January. I lived for 2 years in the Dominican Republic as a missionary – I definitely recommend “la bandera”, which is rice, beans and meat – it’s the national food of the DR

  4. Jamison, renting a car in IGU, shouldn’t be any issues.. Most laid back place in South America I’ve ever traveled, as far as traffic.. People will actually wave you across at intersections.. It almost didn’t seem I was in Brazil.. I will be in IGU in May also..

    What happened to CCS?

    • thanks for the IGU insight! I need to learn how to drive manual first before renting a car since there aren’t any automatic ones. CCS is going to be on the back burner for now because of the currency issue. I have about ~$100 USD worth of bolivares so far at the 50/1 rate and I’m going to need more from a local before I trek down there. I don’t want to get ripped off or ‘run out of money’ since exchange houses are not really public there.

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