Sheraton Asuncion Hotel Review Part 2

As a Starwood Preferred Platinum guest, I was granted access to the Sheraton Club Lounge at the Sheraton Asuncion Hotel. The Club Lounge serves evening appetizers and breakfast in the morning. Platinum members have the option to have breakfast at the lobby restaurant if they wish. It’s almost always the best choice to have it at the hotel restaurant since there’s a larger variety.

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After settling in my suite, I headed to the lounge for evening appetizers. The Sheraton Club Lounge is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel.


This was probably the nicest Sheraton Club Lounge I’ve ever been to. The lounge had a hip and modern vibe with a real bartender. There was also plenty of seating available where you can have a meal or just relax and watch TV.

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The evening buffet spread consisted of chicken, beef, grilled vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, olives, tomatoes, mozzarella with tomatoes & basil, cauliflower, eggs, deli meats, bread, nuts, cookies, and whole fruit.

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There was also a coffee maker along with a fridge full of drinks. Alcoholic drinks are complimentary from the bar.

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I had a little bit from the cold and hot selections which was delicious. I didn’t want to fill myself up since I wanted to have some authentic Paraguayan food for dinner. You can definitely make a meal out of this extensive food spread.

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I visited the Club Lounge for evening appetizers on the second night and there were new items such as steak with onions, chicken skewers, and potato balls.

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The next morning, I opted to have breakfast in the hotel’s main restaurant which was located in the lobby level.


The hot buffet consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hard boiled eggs, potatoes, cheese, empanadas, and soup.

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The cold selections consisted of tomatoes, cucumbers, various cheeses, various deli meats, whole fruit, and mixed fruit.

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There was also a bread station along with a yogurt and a cereal bar.

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Beverages included fresh fruit juices and soft drinks can be ordered from the waiter.


I was hungry and had a little bit of everything from the hot selections. I also tried out various breads which was delicious.

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I had a late checkout and it was pouring rain with thunderstorms on my last day, so I decided to have a late lunch at the hotel restaurant before going to the airport. I ordered a chicken burrito with chips and guacamole for $10 USD which wasn’t too bad all things considered.


I highly recommend staying at the Sheraton Asuncion Hotel since the cash and points rate is a complete bargain. There aren’t many American chain hotels in Asuncion, Paraguay and I’m glad I stayed here. The SPG Platinum recognition was great and the Club Lounge was excellent. The food and service at the hotel was great and the location is in the safest neighborhood of Asuncion. The hotel is pretty much equal distance from downtown Asuncion and Asuncion International Airport. I had no problems with public transportation to downtown and to the airport since there was a bus stop right across the street from the hotel. The location is also great because there is a large mall across the street where you can pick up sundries from the grocery store or do some shopping.

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