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Cathay Pacific First Class JFK-HKG Review

Cathay Pacific First Class JFK-HKG Review

This flight is part of my trip to Melbourne through Hong Kong and Macao:

I had booked this flight for my wife enroute to meet up with her dad in China. I originally found her a business class JFK-HKG on CX and then a connection to Guangzhou (CAN).

A week before the flight, I found one first class seat open so I called AA and changed to that flight. After that seat went, no other seats were up for booking so I got the last one, despite the cabin only having 3 people in it. She managed to get a window seat when she checked in.

They started her with breakfast with some caviar and toast and then had a sweet soup. In Chinese, it would be called “sugar water” as its more of a dessert “soup.”

The cold appetizer was “vegetarian duck,” which was mushrooms wrapped with a puff pastry to somehow resemble a duck breast. I guess I don’t really see how that works but my wife noted that it was good.

As for the next meal, my wife went with the cod and rice.

After the second meal, she changed and got some sleep.

After she woke up and attended to a medical emergency on board, she had the roasted duck noodle soup as she missed the last meal. She enjoyed the cheesecake as a desert.

Here is the rest of the wine menu on board:



She also had a connecting flight, HKG-CAN on Dragonair

She had a return flight, which was on a different plane. I was shocked they had such a nice connection to CAN but i wished she got the first class seat when she connected to CAN.

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