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Cathay Pacific HKG G16 Lounge Review

Cathay Pacific HKG G16 Lounge Review

This flight is part of my trip to Melbourne through Hong Kong and Macao:

I was a bit bored this time at HKG so my wife and I went to all of the Oneworld Lounges. Last time i was here, I was just trying to soak up the First Class Lounge in the Wing.

As the lounge name suggests, it is by Gate 16 and its upstairs. Its quite a small lounge, but surprised they had hot food served behind the drinks bar (not pictured). They had some dim sum and noodle soup that you can have, along with some other cold selections as well. I would still suggest hanging out in The Wing first and then moving here after you have eaten to be closer to your gate.

What is not pictured here is that they also have a small noodle bar behind the drinks bar. There is also some hot food and dim sum as well.

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