The Sights and Sounds of Xochimilco in Mexico City

After I checked into the Four Points by Sheraton Colonia Roma hotel, I headed to Xochimilco which is located south of Mexico City D.F (Districto Federal). I’ve been to Mexico City so many times, so I thought I would visit a new barrio (neighborhood). The main tourist attraction in Xochimilco is the canal system and I wanted to check it out for myself.

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I took the Mexico City metro to Tasquena station and transferred over to the Tren Ligero which ultimately got me to my destination, Xochimilco.

xochimilco1 xochimilco2

My first impression of Xochimilco is that the neighborhood is very quaint and much quieter than the city center of Mexico City.


It was very early in the morning around 9am and I strolled through the streets of Xochimilco trying to find the canals on my GPS. Along the way, I passed by street vendors and a meat market.

xochimilco5 xochimilco6 xochimilco7

You can get around Xochimilco by taxi, car, or even take a Xochimilco rickshaw. The best of way of exploring Xochimilco is by walking since it’s a very small town.

xochimilco3 xochimilco8 xochimilco9

I headed east towards the many ports such as the Embarcadero Belem de Las Flores, Embarcadero Belem, and the Embarcadero Salitre.

xochimilco10 xochimilco11 xochimilco12

I tried to venture inside the embarcaderos, but I didn’t see anything going on. At this point, I was lost on where to find the Xochimilco canals even though I was heading towards the water areas. I decided to head back to the center of town to perhaps get some help. I wandered through many churches in Xochimilco before getting to the Jornada de Limpieza La Asuncion Scouts de Mexico church.

xochimilco13 xochimilco14 xochimilco15

I was able to get some help getting to the Xochimilco canals from the Scouts de Mexico (more details in the next installment). There was a swap meet of some sort right in front of the the Jornada de Limpieza La Asuncion Scouts de Mexico church.

xochimilco16 xochimilco17

I wandered north of Xochimilco towards the canals passing by vendors and a market set up from the back of some guy’s van.

xochimilco18 xochimilco19 xochimilco20

I really like the street entrance decorations in Xochimilco and this one says Gracias por tus bendiciones Virgen de los Dolores.


I was tempted on taking a Xochimilco rickshaw back to the metro station, but I wanted to walk and explore more.


I went to the main plaza of the center of Xochimilco where there were street vendor selling works of art and hats.

xochimilco25 xochimilco26

Nearby was a large tent and I went inside to check out what was going on. There was an expo of some sort called the Segunda Expo Feria del Conejo Xochimilco 2014.


Basically it was set up like a concert with chairs and there were also food vendors on hand.

xochimilco28 xochimilco29

There were also vendors inside selling all kinds of stuff including pet bunnies.


Nearby was the Biblioteca Central Quetzalcoatl which is the Xochimilco main central library.


I ended up walking through a large farmer’s market with vendors selling fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices.

xochimilco32 xochimilco33 xochimilco34

There was also a guy selling fish out of a bag and gutting it on newspaper on top of a wooden box.


You can find all kinds of vendors including ones that are selling pirated DVDs, games, shoes, jewelry, toys, and used remotes.

xochimilco36 xochimilco37

Note: I did mention venturing into Xochimilco to check out the canals, but for trip report purposes, it will be highlighted in the next installment.


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