The Sights and Sounds of Centro Rio de Janeiro Part 2

Last year I wrote about The Sights and Sounds of Centro Rio de Janeiro Part 1 which is located in the historic city center of Rio. I didn’t have much time last year, so I explored more of what Central Rio de Janeiro has to offer this time around.

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My favorite place to start exploring Centro (also known as Central) Rio de Janeiro is at the Cinelandia metro subway station which is on Avenida Rio Branco.


You can find many historic landmarks such as the Theatro Municipal, City Hall, and the National Library of Brazil.

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Cinelandia is a great place to people watch as it’s the main town square in the city center of Rio de Janeiro. Protests usually happen around this area as well.

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Rio de Janeiro has a metro system with several stops in Centro and one of my favorites is the Carioca station.

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Centro Rio de Janeiro empties out during the weeknights after work and 95% of the stores aren’t open on the weekends.

centralriodejaneiro11 centralriodejaneiro12 centralriodejaneiro13

One of the most important streets in Rio de Janeiro is Avenida Presidente Vargas which is the main artery of Rio de Janeiro.

centralriodejaneiro14 centralriodejaneiro15

I was at Central metro station and the neighborhood is very impoverished and very much well deserted.

centralriodejaneiro centralriodejaneiro16 centralriodejaneiro17

Street art can also be found throughout Central Rio de Janeiro.


Towards the Eastern end of Avenida Presidente Vargas, I visited the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Candelária which is also called the Candelária Church.

centralriodejaneiro18 centralriodejaneiro18a

Nearby was a museum called the Casa Franca Brasil which houses an exhibition that deals with the political and cultural aspects of carioca life. It was really dark inside where images were projected on a screen.

centralriodejaneiro19 centralriodejaneiro20 centralriodejaneiro21 centralriodejaneiro22

Also nearby was the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro which is the Brazilian Cultural Center. It’s a very small building with an amazing dome that houses multiple exhibitions of carioca society. One of the exhibitions had a bunch of people running around in circles without saying a word.

centralriodejaneiro23 centralriodejaneiro24

One of my favorite things to do is eat and there is no shortage of food in Centro Rio de Janeiro. The best thing about Central is that there are a lot of kilo restaurants where you get real authentic Brazilian food and only pay by the weight.

centralriodejaneiro25 centralriodejaneiro26 centralriodejaneiro27

There are a lot of small corner stores and kiosks all around Centro if you need to buy candy, soda, water, a prepaid SIM card, and even recharge your prepaid mobile phone.


Street vendors are plentiful where you can find hot dogs, skewers, Doces Caseiros (sweets), and coconut water.

centralriodejaneiro29 centralriodejaneiro30 centralriodejaneiro31

Shopping is a huge affair in Centro Rio de Janeiro and you can find all kinds of stuff, even counterfeit computer software.

centralriodejaneiro32 centralriodejaneiro33 centralriodejaneiro34

One of my favorite places to shop in Centro Rio de Janeiro is the Praca Mercado Municipal which is in Praca XV by the ferry harbor. This is basically your local swap meet where you can find all kinds of odd stuff for sale.

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