The Sights and Sounds of Pao de Acucar in Rio de Janeiro

Last year when I went to Rio de Janeiro for my first time, I didn’t have time to visit Pao de Acucar which is commonly known as Sugarloaf Mountain. I’m glad I got the chance to go this time around because it was one of the best attractions in Rio de Janeiro.

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I took a public bus to Urca where I got dropped off right in front of this beautiful monument.


As you can see, Sugarloaf Mountain towers overs you from beneath with many street vendors selling drinks, snacks, and merchandise (Yes, you can take food and drink inside).

sugarloafrio2 sugarloafrio3 sugarloafrio4

The line was relatively short in the morning and that’s the recommended time to come because you can literally spend half your day there. I heard it does get crowded around the afternoon and early evening when people want to see the sunset.


The price for adult admission is R$62.00 ~ $24.95 USD, free for children under 5, R$31.00 ~ $12.48 USD for children ages 6-21, students, and seniors. All major forms of credit cards are accepted.

sugarloafrio6 sugarloafrio7 sugarloafrio8

The line moves relatively quick since the cable car has a huge capacity.

sugarloafrio9 sugarloafrio10

Here’s a video of the cable car going from the ground to the first mountain of Pao de Acucar.

When you get to the first mountain, you’ll be greeted by a touristy cable car with cut out windows where you can place your head for a photo.


You can also find a company called Heliponto Turistico where you can book panoramic flights.

sugarloafrio21 sugarloafrio22

Here are some amazing views you can expect from the first mountain.

sugarloafrio12 sugarloafrio13 sugarloafrio14 sugarloafrio15 sugarloafrio16 sugarloafrio17 sugarloafrio18 sugarloafrio19 sugarloafrio20

After spending a few hours or in my case 30 minutes, you can relax and have lunch while enjoying the amazing views of Rio de Janeiro. There are also gift shops for souvenirs.


After relaxing for a bit, I took the cable car from the first mountain to the very top.

sugarloafrio24 sugarloafrio25

You can find a museum at the top where you can learn about the history of Sugarloaf Mountain.

image (32) image (33)

The best part about the top are the sweeping views of Rio de Janeiro.

sugarloafrio26 sugarloafrio27 sugarloafrio28 sugarloafrio29 sugarloafrio30

Afterwards, I went down from top to the first mountain where I caught another cable car to the ground base level.

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