American Airlines LAX-JFK A321T Business Class

Last year, I went Behind the Scenes at LAX with American Airlines Onboard the A321T. I absolutely loved the new Airbus A321T (T stands for transcontinental) and couldn’t wait to try it out when it was in service from Los Angeles to New York and vice versa. Well, the day finally came when I booked a trip to Rio de Janeiro via New York City and I used a Systemwide Upgrade to clear into the Business Class cabin.

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American Airlines LAX-JFK A321T Business Class
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The Business Class cabin on the A321T was in a 2-2 configuration and I chose the bulkhead aisle.


I love this seat because of the ability to transform into a lie-flat bed and the in-flight entertainment TV screen is huge.


It was an early morning flight and the flight attendant offered a choice between water, orange juice, and champagne. I went with the latter and it seemed like the champagne was semi-frozen since I saw some ice particles in the plastic cup. I actually prefer it to be iced cold and wish it could be served like this all the time.


As the boarding process was wrapping up, the flight attendant handed out menus in Business Class. The menu reads as follows:

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Turkey Bacon Quiche – Served with vegetables

Smoked Salmon and Bagel – Accompanied by bibb leaf lettuce, fresh sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, caper berry and whipped cream cheese

Steelcut Oatmeal – With mixed berries and brown sugar

Served with a selection of breakfast breads

Dessert – Mango Sorbet

Light Refreshment – Offered prior to arrival

Whole Fruit and Snacks – A selection of seasonal fruit and premium snacks

Cookies – Freshly baked on board

After the plane reached cruising altitude, the flight attendant offered a hot wet towel.


Meal service began with two mini biscotti cookies and a beverage of my choice. I had the cranberry vodka with lime.

laxjfka321t7 laxjfka321t8I opted for the Smoked Salmon and Bagel dish for breakfast and it was accompanied by fresh fruit and bread. I’ve had this delicious entrée before and it’s one of the best filling cold breakfasts on American Airlines.


For dessert, I had the Mango Sorbet which was delicious.


During the middle of the flight, the flight attendant came by the cabin and offered a snack from the snack basket. Whole fruit was also available (not pictured).


One hour prior to arrival, the flight attendant offered milk and cookies which are always delicious. You can’t go wrong with freshly baked on board cookies on American Airlines.


30 minutes prior to landing, the flight attendant offered sparkling water with a citrus fruit garnish. This is always refreshing to cleanse your palette before landing.


I was blown away by the excellent transcontinental service onboard this flight. The flight attendants were quick to serve and also quick to clear away plates which is always a plus in my book. I dislike having to wait a long time for my plates to be picked up especially if I have to work or get up to use the lavatory. The food was excellent and the professional attentive flight attendants made this flight enjoyable.


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